Chantal Abad will temporarily leave Cocineros Argentinos due to the scandal with Juan Ferrara

2023-05-13 01:36:15

After the scandal unleashed by the departure of John Ferrara of Argentine cooksthe current host of the successful Public Television cycle, Chantal Abadlinked to the abrupt departure of the cook, finally decided to leave the program temporarily.

Days ago, Rodrigo Lussichhost of Socios del Espectáculo by El Trece, had related the disassociation of Ferrara with the new role that Abad took in the gastronomic broadcast, which allegedly would have relegated the chef following 15 years of participation.

In the midst of the controversy, and unaccustomed to this type of situation, the chef decided to speak this Friday on a mobile phone with Intruders, for America, where confirmed his decision to step aside from the show.

“Yesterday I had a meeting with the people from the production company who really listened to me,” Chantal began anguished, following being involved in her colleague’s departure.

During the meeting with the production, the chef told them that she felt uncomfortable regarding the situation generated and although she appreciated that all the parties involved came out to deny the rumors of an alleged conflict, she asked them to stop for “sort this out and let there not be an iota of doubt with anything«.

The objective of the emphatic decision, specified the driver, is that “everything is clear and transparent to everyone«, for from then on «trace a path» new, following the unexpected commotion generated and that paralyzed the cycle.

Chantal Abad spoke regarding the departure of Juan Ferrara from Cocineros Argentinos: “It’s uncomfortable”

After the departure of John Ferrara de Cocineros Argentinos, the Public TV cycle, following 15 uninterrupted years of participation, all kinds of rumors and speculation were generated around the separation, which even linked the current host of the programChantal Abadwho in the last hours referred to the situation.

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“We are talking right now so that I can understand what is happening and what is the truth. Juan is very loving and he is also uncomfortable with what is circulating, ”said Chantal, who this Friday, tired of the versions, decided to leave the program, at least momentarily.

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