Charles III’s friendship with the most prolific pedophile in the United Kingdom

2023-10-06 00:15:00

The friendship of King Charles III with Jimmy Savile, the United Kingdom’s most notorious pedophilewho never faced the consequences of his crimes, now came to light when it was learned that the popular media character he may have been godfather to the monarch’s second son.

Jimmy Savile was then recognized as a popular philanthropist, activist and TV host., a favorite character of the general public and, especially, of the British establishment. His charitable works earned him many admirers in royalty, show business and politics, and he was knighted in 1971.

According to journalist Ephraim Hardcastle, Savile’s name appeared on the list of possible godfathers of Prince Harry (born 1984) prepared by Charles, when he was Prince of Wales, and supervised by his private secretary Edward Adeane.

“Edward Adeane was aware that Prince Charles would not listen to any arguments once morest Savile”Hardcastle wrote. “Having a troubled relationship with Diana, he felt like she mightn’t get close to Harry’s mother.”

Savile’s name was discussed by Adeane with Alastair Aird, secretary to the Queen Mother (Elizabeth II’s influential mother, Charles’s grandmother), who was “duly horrified”. When Harry was finally baptized, in December 1984, Savile was not among the godparents.

Savile’s name appeared on the list of possible godfathers of Prince Harry (born in 1984) drawn up by Charles, when he was Prince of Wales

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Who was Jimmy Savile

Savile rose from a humble working-class upbringing to become one of the BBC’s biggest stars. “Accustomed to wearing sports suits and gold jewelry, Savile embodied the eccentric Englishman and became an almost inescapable cultural presence in Britain,” wrote the New York Times.

Although during his lifetime he was openly accused and rumored to be sexually prolific, The accusations once morest him were dismissed due to his status as a “national idol” and friend of the powerful. The Charles sought advice from him and it was said that Savile, in fact, became an advisor to the royal family.

According to a 2022 documentary, the sex offender even wrote her an informal media relations “manual,” part of which was incorporated into a report that found its way into the hands of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband as they sought to improve their public image. The celebrity even dared to give marriage advice to Carlos and Dianaas revealed by the queen’s former press advisor, Dickie Arbiter.

Carlos III con Jimmy Savile
The Charles sought his advice and it was said that Savile did, in fact, become an advisor to the royal family.

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Dozens of victims facing the blind eye of the BBC and the Establishment

BBC management knew since 1973 that Savile took up to 14 underage girls to his apartment to spend the night. The men and women who accused him were dismissed or ignored, while the star even took legal action once morest some of them. He was questioned on several occasions but nothing ever came of the investigations.

Anne-Marie McAlinden, sexual abuse expert at Queen’s University Belfastsaid Savile had used his influence to groom not only his victims but also anyone who might suspect him.. “Not only did he abuse her position of trust and authority, which was amplified because she was a celebrity, but he extended it to the entire organisation, to the BBC and even to the press,” he explained.

But when he died, at the age of 84 in 2011, the darkest side of his life began to be known: it is known until now. sexually abused at least 72 children, some as young as eight years old, during a raid of sexual violence that spanned four decades. His first known victim was in 1959 and the last in 2006.

Carlos III con Jimmy Savile
Savile rose from a humble working-class upbringing to become one of the BBC’s biggest stars.

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The accusations resulted in the opening of the “Operation Yewtree”, a mega investigation of the London Metropolitan Police that led to the ruin of dozens of personalities of the media and entertainment in the United Kingdom.

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During Operation Yewtree, police discovered that Savile had abused a patient at High Royds Hospital in West Yorkshire, during a fancy dress party marking the institute’s centenary celebrations, where he “I grope the staff’s breasts” y “he put his hand under her skirtsThe victims did not complain regarding the “dirty old man” because it was an “occupational hazard of being a woman” at the time, according to a report.

Carlos III con Jimmy Savile

The Operation resulted in sexual abuse convictions for multiple famous personalities. By October 2015 the police had already arrested 19 people, of whom seven were convicted. But one of those in charge of the investigation recognized that Savile was an “untouchable”: “I did everything I might to try to get him prosecuted because he is clearly a child sex offender.”

Savile became suspected of having committed nearly 500 sexual crimes in his life: He was accused of, among other things, “playing” with corpses in a mortuary, as well as using his grooming techniques to freely abuse vulnerable patients at an infamous UK psychiatric hospital and at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where he worked as a goalkeeper for many years.

At the same time, he participated in child safety campaigns warning children to be careful with strangers.

“Savile sought to ingratiate himself with the royal family”

Carlos III con Jimmy Savile

In a 2012 documentary, five women testified that Savile had abused them when they were teenagers, generating widespread media coverage.

A BBC report leaked in 2016 explained how Savile managed to avoid detection: they said the broadcaster did not encourage complaints, that it was “impracticable” to report to a line manager and that “the only option for a victim of inappropriate behavior during the Savile years was to put up or leave.”

Justice created a compensation plan for the victims with the money he had in his estate before he died, so those named in his will did not receive any of the amounts bequeathed.

Mark Williams-Thomas, the former police detective turned television journalist who exposed Savile, said King Charles III was fooled by such a manipulative figure. “I have seen communications between Savile and Prince Charles in which there was a conversation regarding Savile being used as a sounding board for his relationship with Diana,” he said.

“I don’t blame Charles, Savile was looking to ingratiate himself with the royal family,” he said. “If he saw any benefit in being somewhere, he would exploit it for personal gain. He managed to get his foot in the door. Also He did a lot for charity and that helped create a profile he built through contact with the royal family.“.


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