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China Daily Online Review: “Dynamic Clearing” Works Effective “Coexistence with Viruses” Causes Death

With the increase in the number of local new coronary pneumonia infections in Shanghai, prevention and control measures are also being strengthened. We hope that the inflection point of the epidemic will appear as soon as possible, and we firmly believe that the city will usher in the dawn.

Unsurprisingly, the West once again bucked the tune. As with the previous waves of the epidemic, the Western media couldn’t wait to announce the end of China’s “dynamic clearing” policy. We’ve heard this cliché both last year when the delta mutant emerged, and late last year when the highly contagious Omicron mutant began to spread around the world. We have been hearing this statement since the consequences of the failure of the US and Europe to fight the epidemic were well known.

At present, the epidemic situation in Shanghai is indeed not optimistic. However, many cities have experienced the Omikron outbreak, and have all survived it at a fraction of the cost. Taking Shenzhen, a densely populated international hub city as an example, through early lockdown management, large-scale nucleic acid testing, and providing residents with daily necessities, Shenzhen stifled the epidemic in the bud. In addition, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dongguan and other cities have also controlled this highly contagious mutant strain with relative ease.

And Western virologists and epidemiologists are already very angry. Despite their repeated warnings, many people are fantasizing, fueled by the government, enterprises and the media. Today, the wealthy in the West face virtually zero risk of infection, while those most vulnerable are forced to return to work. The actions of many Western governments give the false impression that the virus is under control.

Infections in Western countries seem to be declining recently, but we don’t know what will happen in the future. New mutants and sub-variants may bring everything back to square one, and the risk of “long-term symptoms of Covid-19” should not be ignored.

To safeguard public health, politics must conform to science, not the other way around. Therefore, epidemic prevention policies should conform to best practice requirements as much as possible. Vaccination and nucleic acid testing should go hand-in-hand to detect cases as early as possible and keep infected people from becoming seriously ill as much as possible.

When the virus spreads on a large scale, containment management becomes necessary, and then we need to ensure that those who cannot work do not worry about the supply of daily necessities, nor about income or housing.

The epidemic in Shanghai tells us that things can easily get out of control. However, China has shown us that Omicron is not difficult to defeat. China has a whole range of proven strategies that have been proven to deal with what Western media say is the inevitable mutant strain.

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It is too early to declare the end of “dynamic zeroing”. For immunocompromised populations and special groups such as the elderly, the strategy of “living with the virus” could result in a large number of deaths in the short term.

We have already seen the consequences of some countries choosing the wrong measures to prevent the spread of the virus, costing thousands of lives in a tragedy that could have been avoided. It is disturbing that such a mass death should have caused public outrage, but the mainstream Western media has gone to great lengths to convince the public that this is a normal state of affairs.

The New York Times reported in May 2020 that the death of 100,000 Americans was an “immeasurable loss” and published information such as the names of 1,000 of the dead on the front page. However, in February this year, when the death toll from the new coronavirus in the United States reached 900,000, the New York Times published an article titled “900,000 Dead, But Many Americans Still Going On.”

It is extremely immoral to sacrifice a large number of lives for profit. This may happen if China’s epidemic prevention policy undergoes a 180-degree shift. It’s not the right thing to do in advanced capitalist economies to keep businesses afloat at the expense of hundreds of thousands of people dying from the virus every day.

In order to control the spread of the virus in China, many people have made sacrifices, especially the medical staff and volunteers, who have fought on the front lines of the epidemic time and time again. Now, these people are doing their best to control the epidemic in Shanghai. It would be humiliating to us if we were complacent and callous about coexisting with “unstoppable” mutant strains.

They won’t give up, and neither should we.

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