Choi Ye-na’s agency belatedly apologizes after the end of the ‘Hate Rodrigo’ activity class

2023-08-06 02:21:00

Singer Choi Yena. Singer Yena Choi belatedly apologized after announcing a new song and music video about rising pop star Olivia Rodrigo on her official Facebook page, but hastily stopped her activities due to suspicions of belittling her character and violating portrait rights and copyrights.

On the night of the 5th, Yuehua Entertainment posted on Choi Yena’s official fan cafe, “Choi Yena’s second single album released on June 27th. [헤이트 엑스엑스]Regarding (HATE XX), we bow our heads in apology for not being able to inform fans about the artist and album activities as soon as possible.”

He continued, “We humbly accept the fans’ affectionate criticism towards the company, and we will listen to various opinions and show more efforts in the future. In addition, we ask for lots of interest and love for Choi Yena, who will continue to meet fans in the future.”

Choi Ye-na released ‘Hate Rodrigo’ as the title track of her second single album ‘Hate XX’. Ever since the song ‘Hate Rodrigo’ was released with the name of a new pop star who gained sensational popularity with ‘drivers license’, ‘good 4 u’, and ‘deja vu’. Concerns such as not being appropriate and dangerous, mainly among overseas fans, came out.

However, Choi Yena and her agency released ‘Hate Rodrigo’ as scheduled, and the released music video had scenes reminiscent of Rodrigo’s music video as well as Rodrigo’s picture, so the voice of criticism grew louder.

At the time of the comeback showcase, Choi Ye-na said, “‘Hate Rodrigo’ is a song that cutely and honestly expresses various emotions of longing for the object of envy and sometimes being jealous. We will show it through performance.”

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It was emphasized that the word ‘hate’ in the song’s title is an ironic expression unlike the original meaning of ‘hate’ or ‘hate’, but continued to point out that it is careless. Moreover, the agency announced that it was editing the video two days after the release of the music video, saying, “We found that there is a possibility of violating trademark rights, portrait rights, and copyrights in some scenes.”

Choi Ye-na’s MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ post-recording was canceled, and the next day, on the 2nd, she quietly finished her short week-long activities with SBS’ Inkigayo ending. She even postponed her fan signing event to commemorate the single’s release.

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