Citizen Lab, has an American researcher fired from the University for having denounced its mafia practices

By Hassan Alaoui

Another case of notorious discredit! Let’s say violation of freedom of conscience, repression by a recognized institution against a citizen prevented from accomplishing his task as a researcher, banished and finally excluded. The more we advance in the outcome of this puzzle called Pegasus, the more we discover the mysteries of a Machiavellian system worthy of a Lernaean Hydra. And we are not surprised that after having subverted countries in Europe – let’s say dirty –, its evil repercussions today affect the United States and university spheres, certainly not the least.

The reputation of North Central University of California, prestigious by its very name, is today receiving quite a blow. She has just distinguished herself by an action that does not honor her, in an unprecedented step. She has just abusively and without warning dismissed a young doctoral researcher named Jonathan Scott, on the grounds that he denounced, in a report written by him and entitled ” Discover the Citizen Lab and demystify the Catalangate » the mismanagement and corruption, reigning and flourishing within the platform of this sadly famous laboratory of Citizen Lab. This report shook the administration of this last platform and, of course, the Californian University of which one can say that they are both linked by a sort of Faustian and almost incestuous pact. Jonathan Scott was fired on the false pretext that he ” violated the code of conduct »…

The beauty of courage and truth

In fact, conducting his research with honesty and implacable rigour, this young American researcher made it a point of honor to shed light on the abusive practices, deceptions, misleading information of Citizen Lab – Canadian organ – which has become the bible and the unpunished accomplice of Forbidden stories, Human Right Watch et Amnesty international, all organizations benefiting from huge subsidies whose inglorious function is to attack democracies and countries like Morocco. The last few months have seen several complaints against each other, the most significant coming from Ukraine, where the representative of Amnesty International in kyiv not only resigned, but violently denounced the negligence and Mafia practices of this last NGO.

For having pinpointed the devastating compromises of Citizren Lab and consequently of all his twins, Jonathan Scoot therefore paid with his career and his ” vie “. His brutal dismissal in fact reveals the real dimension of a scandal which, beyond the character of an institutionalized criminal incident, has nevertheless become a corporate culture or even a model: the montages made by Citizen Lab, on the basis of lies and solicitations thus denoting an evil but real will to attack certain States and their institutions. The common thread of this practice is quite simply destabilization, social ruptures, disorder… The young American researcher committed ” The crime to dismantle the web of lies concerning telephone tapping by the Spanish government of Pedro Sanchez against activists in Catalonia, and to prove, with supporting evidence, their complicity with Citizen Lab who, once again, has worked to mislead Spanish and international public opinion about the alleged involvement of the Spanish authorities.

Word against word, as the saying goes, the campaigns of Citizen Lab and his accomplices, carried out at a rapid pace with an amplified and complicit echo in the media, seemed to have undermined the Spanish power. Feeling directly involved, challenged by the arguments made in the uncompromising report that Jonathan Scott provided, the leaders of the Toronto platform are therefore confronted with this truth which is tarnishing their reputation for independence and rigor. A smokescreen simply unveiled by the impertinence of a young doctoral student and whose methodical unraveling is irreparably damaging to other complicit NGOs. It is the fruit of a tireless and meticulous work which and at the same time the translation of a quest for the truth in a young person who, lifting the lid of a monstrous and insidious campaign of propaganda, wants for sure to do battle with a culture of lies, smoking and deception.

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Citizen Lab and other scam organizations

It should be noted that in a first tweet published on his account by Jonathan Scoot, regarding his expulsion from the University, he stated that ” influential parties and influencers on Twitter have reached out to University leaders urging them to fire him over a report he posted on Pegasus…”. Collateral victim of Pegasus, real victim of a worldwide system of lies. And to continue: I emphatically rejected the lies (from Citizen Lab), from an information technology company (…) I will continue my work of verifying and decrypting reports from scam organizations like Citizen Lab »

As for the Pegasus affair, a vast complicity synonymous with fraud is now denounced. The famous slogan of CitizenLab, your citizen participation platform is a frayed myth, with a reputation seriously tainted and shaken by the scandal of Jonathan Scott. The leaders of these NGOs who are agitated like “flies in pitchers”, as Borges would say, pushed to their last entrenchment, themselves do not hesitate to admit that their campaigns against States and institutions have come at the price of sprawling lies and corruption.

The precious support of Irina Tsekurman

Irina Tsekurman is a fearless American journalist who, also a victim of the repressive behavior of Citizen Lab and its hordes, has decided to step up to denounce embezzlement, corruption and proclaim her support for Jonathan Scott. “Imagine,” she says, “that those people originally responsible for your electronic security and specificity have become corrupt, obsessed, opportunistic, and bigoted.” This renowned lawyer, who inscribes rigor and honesty on her pediment and who denounces the violations perpetrated by the Polisario against the populations sequestered in the Tindouf camps, lived through the same scenario as Jonathan Scoot. His denunciation proceeds from an indifference which strikes public opinion in the face of the serious offense of misinformation, intoxication and a desire to mislead the people. It mobilizes public opinion against Citizen Lab, Amnesty and recalls that, in the fable called “Pegasus espionage”, set up from scratch two years ago against Morocco, without proof, 22 States of the European Union have resorted or still use the Pegasus system marketed by the Israeli group NSO. The crypto defender of truths ultimately turns out to be just a poor Tartuffe, a master of falsehood…

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