Colombian-Venezuelan Migrant Killed in Texas Hit-and-Run: His Journey to the American Dream

2023-05-09 23:10:00

A car swept away several migrants, who were at a bus stop in front of the Centro Obispo Enrique San Pedro Ozanam shelter for homeless people, in Texas, United States. Among the victims is Brayan García Segovia, a Colombian-Venezuelan.

(In context: Colombian died in a hit-and-run in Texas: here is his hard journey to go to the US).

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‘I could sleep now’

García Segovia had left El Banco, Magdalena, bound for Texas, United States, to look for opportunities to support her seven-month-old daughter.

“He went to the American dream, he went to work. He left El Banco and had the entire journey, he went through the jungle of El Darién, he arrived in Mexico. He did the right things because he turned himself in to immigration, he was detained for five days and they released him” , said Janeth García, sister.

(Also: What is known about the driver in Texas who hit and killed eight migrants).

As soon as he was released, García contacted his family to express his happiness, since he considered that it was the first step to achieve stability in that country. “He told us that everything had happened, that the journey was over and that he could sleep now,” said the sister in RCN news.

“He said that the most difficult thing had passed because he was in the United States and that peace of mind was coming for the family,” he added.

The last communication they had with him was on the morning of Sunday, May 7, hours before the car ran over him. His wife had a premonition around noon and she searched for news until she found the video of the tragedy.

The Colombian-Venezuelan was at a bus stop waiting for the route that would take him home when a man took his life.

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Charges against Texas driver

Police announced manslaughter charges against George Alvarez, the 34-year-old man with a criminal record who allegedly crashed his truck into a crowd near the Ozanam shelterleaving at least eight dead and a dozen injured, some in critical condition.

The authorities were investigating what happened, without ruling out any reason for the incident.

The Colombian Consulate in Houston expressed its condolences to García’s relatives and activated the protocols to accompany them in the corresponding proceedings in order to repatriate his body.


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