Comprehensive Periodontal Considerations in Implant Dentistry: Clinical Lecture by Professor Seungho Lee at POAAT Future Dental Clinic 33

2024-01-17 13:25:56

Professor Seungho Lee’s special clinical lecture POAAT Future Dental Clinic 33
Periodontal considerations in implant dentistry (Ⅳ)

Meanwhile, clinical practice guidelines suggesting effective treatment methods for patients with stage 4 periodontitis, the most serious condition of periodontitis, were recently announced at EuroPerio10 in June 2022.

Rather than simply treating teeth and gums, we focus on restoring oral chewing ability (rehabilitation) and maintaining overall health.

In particular, we perform a definitive and comprehensive diagnosis and case evaluation prior to treatment planning, and obtain appropriate and necessary information regarding the patient. We emphasize that it is very important to re-evaluate frequently, not only during treatment but also followingwards.

When diagnosing a patient with Stage 4 periodontitis, 1) Comprehensive evaluation of the degree of periodontal tissue defect, aesthetics, chewing, and pronunciation 2) Number of teeth extracted due to periodontitis 3) Determination of teeth that can be retained among remaining teeth 4) We ask patients to evaluate all factors such as space constraints and lack of alveolar bone that make it difficult to maintain teeth and place implants, etc. 5) Considering risk factors such as smoking and diabetes, we are asked to recognize five factors, including confirmation of overall prognosis, including disease progression and recurrence.

In addition, through an interdisciplinary approach, various treatment methods can be applied, such as orthodontic tooth movement, splinting of teeth, occlusal adjustment, fixed or removable prosthesis treatment including natural teeth and implants, and Supportive Periodontal Therapy. Through this, it is possible to meet the patient’s expectations. It states that appropriate treatment can be provided.

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※Reference material: Myungmoon Publishing Company 『Periodontic Orthodontics POAAT; Orthodontic treatment performed by a periodontist』

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