CONCORDIA Social Projects publishes its impact report for 2022/23

2023-06-12 04:00:32

Breaking down barriers, showing ways out of the intergenerational poverty trap – opening up opportunities.

3 out of 4 children in families where the parents only have an elementary education are at risk of remaining poor themselves. With our day centers we break the vicious circle of poverty and give children wings to develop. For a better future.

Bernhard Drumel, CONCORDIA Managing Director

Vienna (OTS) So that a self-determined life without exclusion is possible for all children and young people. That is CONCORDIA’s vision.

The Russian attack on Ukraine and its complex consequences have had a major impact on the CONCORDIA project countries. In the Republic of Moldova in particular, the political and humanitarian crises are leading to further emergencies, which in 2022 required the full attention of the aid organization and rapid support measures.

In Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Austria, CONCORDIA has opened its doors and new programs for Ukrainian refugees.

In 2022, CONCORDIA was able to support a total of 13,018 people with its regular offers of help and 16,415 refugees with its Ukraine emergency aid program.

Since it was founded in 1991, CONCORDIA has focused on children, young people and their families in need. Children who experience difficult situations often suffer from the social and health consequences throughout their lives. The psychosocial effects of traumatizing experiences of flight and violence require a high degree of awareness, understanding and confidence-building measures. One focus in 2022 was therefore to strengthen child protection and the correct handling of trauma in children and young people through training for employees and the family environment.

Educational measures and family-strengthening social work as the heart of the CONCORDIA program

In our core programs we have intensified our family-strengthening help and activities in the CONCORDIA day centers. Our day centers are docking points for children from the poorest communities in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Kosovo. Parents are supported to improve their living conditions and to get access to social benefits, vocational training and job coaching. Because often the underlying problem is not a lack of parental care, but the daily struggle for survival in which entire families are stuck for generations.

3 out of 4 children in families, in which the parents only have one have primary education, are at risk of becoming poor themselves remain. Break through with our day centers we break the cycle of poverty and give children wings to grow unfold. For a better future. Bernhard Drumel, CONCORDIA Managing Director

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Focus country Republic of Moldova: New cooperation for effective on-site assistance

As the largest aid organization in the Republic of Moldova, CONCORDIA 2022 played a special role. Already in the first days of the war, the CONCORDIA Team Moldova, together with its network of volunteers, was on duty at the Palanca border crossing between Moldova and Ukraine to help the thousands who crossed the border every day in the first days of the war and had to endure hours in the cold to provide relief supplies.

It is difficult for both Ukrainian and Moldovan families to get through the winter in Moldova. During the winter months, CONCORDIA distributes aid packages with food, hygiene products and firewood to particularly vulnerable families and Moldovan families who have taken in refugees.

With the support of our partners, Kindernothilfe, Caritas, Jugend Eine Welt and every single donation from our supporters, CONCORDIA has been able to help more people than ever before during the cold winter months.

The commitment to endangered and disadvantaged children and the peace-building work of CONCORDIA in Moldova was honored with the Pax Christi Peace Prize in 2022. A prize that belongs to many: all employees, the many volunteers and all supporters who contribute to making CONCORDIA’s work possible at all.

The CONCORDIA Impact Report 2022/23 is available for download here.

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