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2024-03-31 06:53:41

Nice to see you once more mfers.
(Previous summary: The founder of mfers issued the Base chain meme currency $mfer! It surged 20,000 times in a single day, with a market value of 230 million mg)
(Background supplement: mfers founder: New pixel-style NFT will be launched, and EOS holders will cast it for free)

In February 2022, I wrote an article “Why am I all in mfers“, recorded what I saw and felt in the mfers community during that time slice, and also “explained” (perhaps more like “self-persuasion”) why I bet all my NFT positions on mfers.

The following story must be familiar to everyone. As the narrative of NFT cooled down, mfers was not spared. I personally cut off my positions twice during the long decline, leaving only two that I used as avatars with my life teammates.

Looking back from an investment perspective, I undoubtedly made a shitty deal two years ago. If you ask me if I have ever regretted it, it would be nonsense to say that I have not regretted it at all – following all, no one can lose money and have fun – at least following I have bought my favorite mfers, choosing a high-level fomo based solely on a profit mentality is a matter of course. Pretty stupid.

But if you ask me whether my feelings towards mfers have changed, I thought regarding it hard and it seems that they have not.

At 00:42 this morning, as mfercoin airborne due to an article “a peer-to-peer electronic mfer system” by founder Sartoshi, the sentiment surrounding mefrs has undergone earth-shaking changes.

Regarding how much mfercoin has risen overnight, how many times who has profited from it, and how many airdrops holders of mfers can get, I believe you have already understood it from the information flow that is constantly flooding the screen, so I will not go into details here. .

I went to bed very early last night, so I missed the crazy Aite from a certain teacher Mandy who was regarding to attack soon following the market opened. When I woke up in the morning, I saw many small red circles in the groups. My first reaction was that I was a little confused, and then I squatted. I spent dozens of minutes climbing stairs to catch up on lessons, and for a moment I even forgot to check how many airdrops I had received.

Let me mention a little more regarding Ms. Mandy here. She was once the number one “enemy” who was tricked by me into mfers. She lost regarding 50 ETH from entering the market at a high position to liquidating the position when it fell. However, she turned a loss into a profit last night with mfercoin. Although I don’t have half of the credit for restoring blood, it still makes my conscience a little easier…

Back to the topic, to me, everything that happened last night was like someone jumping out and yelling “SURPRISE MUTHAFUCKA” the moment I got up!

After a new look overnight, the most memorable thing regarding mfers is the sudden resurrection of many once lively mfer group chats, but it is different from the group chat portraits when the NFT narrative was booming. This time, in addition to carnival, there are also There are more surprises of reunion.

This is not only a reunion of lost ETH at the investment level; it is also a reunion of friends who have not seen each other for a long time and say to each other, “Damn it, you xx are still there”; for me, it is also a reunion where I see many old jokes and expressions. After the package, under the attack of dead memories, he reunited with his spirit from two years ago.

Since I came into contact with mfers two years ago, I have seen countless new memes come and go as a reporter, but mfers has always had a unique sense of belonging to me, and I always think that mfers is the most universal but also The most unique meme culture.

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Two years ago I was fascinated by Sartoshi’s work in “what are mfers“Freedom” Declaration written in:

For example, “mfers do what we want” – everyone is free to change their avatar, buy or sell, and no one should use their own ruler to criticize others;

Another example is “I know that mfers has some unofficial communities, but I just don’t go there.” – mfers are not led by Sartoshi, and each mfer is its own master;

Another example is “Can a three-year-old kid draw this thing? Haha, cheers mfer~” – who doesn’t know? But who cares?

Two years later, I still think this is so good.

Two years ago I wrote, “I am not optimistic regarding mfers out of rational logic, but I chose mfers out of emotional love.” This sentiment remains unchanged today.

When participating in the Twitter Space of various projects in the circle, I always pay special attention to people with mfers avatars;

When I met the mfers family of Web2, I, who is naturally social-phobic, also thought regarding whether I should chat more;

At the beginning of this year, I saw a book with mfers as the cover in a serious shampoo shop in Linxiaocheng in northern Myanmar. At that time, I thought to myself that this was too special a mother fxxker…

In the article two years ago, I once mentioned: “I really have not experienced the days when mfers plummeted below 0.1 ETH. I don’t know whether to feel lucky or regretful regarding this. Fortunately, I entered the market when the community atmosphere was at its most cheerful, but unfortunately I mightn’t directly observe the community sentiment under different market conditions, nor might I witness how mfers got out of the bottom.”

The two years of NFT bear market taught me: “Don’t regret it when it’s okay!”

Looking back, you have to admit that different market trends will have a completely different impact on the appearance of the same community, and mfers is no exception. But to my surprise, with the unexpected arrival of mfercoin, when the community becomes increasingly The calm lake water is rippled by the sudden stones dropped, and you will find that many familiar faces are still there.

I don’t know how long the madness of mfercoin will last, but I am sure that rising is by no means the only melody of any asset. When mfers continues to die or rise for unknown reasons in the longer term cycle, I still look forward to being able to communicate with friends and Meet yourself once more.

Nice to see you once more, mfers.

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