Confessions of a Danger Recorder: Impersonating a Doctor to Perform Surgery and Raise Funds

A criminal recorder admitted that he impersonated a doctor to perform surgeries for citizens, hoping to raise funds and promote himself online via social media.

The security services succeeded in arresting a person for impersonating a doctor and creating an account on “Facebook” to announce his ability to perform surgeries, as part of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior’s efforts to combat crime in all its forms.

Information and investigations by the General Administration for the Protection of Morals in the Specialized Police Sector confirmed that (a person with “criminal information” – residing in the Dokki Police Department in Giza) impersonated a “human doctor” and extracted a union card, and created an account on the social networking site “Facebook” to announce his ability to undergo surgeries.

After legalizing the procedures, he was targeted and could be arrested when he was in Alexandria Governorate, and in his possession (a number of medical supplies used in his activity – a sum of money from the proceeds of his sinful activity).

Confronting him, he admitted that he had impersonated a human doctor and forged the aforementioned card, and that he had created an account on the social networking site “Facebook” and promoted his ability to perform surgeries for citizens in exchange for sums of money, so legal measures were taken.

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