Conservative Reconstruction Analysis: Crushing Defeat in General Election

2024-04-18 08:38:14

Sang-Hyun Yoon “We suffered a crushing defeat due to the limitations of the Yeongnam Central Party”
Yongtae Kim “You must save justice yourself”
Kim Jae-seop: “We must change the party rules for 100% of its members”
“Yeongnam legislators, don’t run for the team this time.”
The experts all issue harsh comments

▲ “General election defeat and path to conservative reconstruction”
Participants take commemorative photos during a seminar hosted by Rep. Sang-Hyun Yoon of the People Power Party at the National Assembly Hall on the 18th, themed “Crushing Defeat of the 2024 General Election and Pathway to conservative reconstruction. From left: Professor Seo Seong-kyo of Konkuk University, People Power Party Chairman-elect Kim Yong-tae, Rep. Yoon Sang-hyun, Park Sung-min, CEO of Political Consulting Min and news spokesperson Park Sang-byeong. Yonhap News After the crushing defeat in the general election on April 10, the first official seminar of the People Power Party to analyze the causes of the defeat was held on the 18th, led by Rep. Sang-hyeon Yoon (Incheon-dong, Michuhol- eul). Among those elected, only those from the Seoul metropolitan area, including Rep. Yoon, Kim Yong-tae (Pocheon and Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province) and Kim Jae-seop (Dobong-gap, Seoul), were included. In the Yeongnam region, which occupies the party’s majority, “an innovative emergency committee is needed”, and bitter comments such as “Don’t come to the convention” continue.

Rep. Yoon, who championed the “metropolitan area crisis theory” even before the general election, cited “central party limitations in Yeongnam” as the structural cause of the crushing defeat in the 2024 general election and the crushing defeat in the 2024 general elections. The seminar on the path to conservative reconstruction was held that day at the headquarters of the National Assembly. Rep. Yoon pointed out, “The ruling party seems calm even after giving 192 seats to the opposition in a crushing defeat unprecedented in its history. »

Rep. Yoon argued that an “innovative emergency response committee” was needed to analyze the causes of the crushing defeat and prepare alternatives to the “emergency response management committee” promoted by the party. Regarding the possibility that Leader Yoon Jae-ok could directly chair the “management-type emergency committee,” Rep. Yoon drew the line, saying, “He cannot be immune from defeat in the elections general,” and added “He has to show up to change, fight and shout. “First of all, a new person has to come,” he said.

President-elect Kim Jae-seop said, “The temperature of the successful candidates (centered in Yeongnam) and the unsuccessful candidates is very different. He criticized: “If a general election white paper is to be created, it should contain the sincere voices of those who lost in metro area elections” and “Holding an early national convention without such a thing is a bad decision policy that exposes failure.” He repeatedly stressed the need to change the rules for the national convention to be held with “100% party members” in a situation where the proportion of party members in Yeongnam is around 40%, and said: “This should not be our own policy. “We will have to proactively increase it to ‘5 to 5’,” he said.

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President-elect Kim Yong-tae said: “The driving force for leading national reform has been lost due to the crushing defeat in the general election, and the reason is that trust in fairness has been shattered,” and “President Yoon Seok-yeol must revive the justice of the law by himself. This is interpreted to mean that it is necessary for President Yoon to revise the “First Lady Kim Kun-hee Special Prosecutor Law” promoted by the opposition party.

Experts also voiced their criticism. Park Seong-min, CEO of Min Political Consulting, said: “(The reason why the leaders are mainly from Yeongnam) is that there are no people in the metropolitan area. Are they going to take everyone out, then shoot them from behind and kill them? kill them all, and since there is no one, shall we do this? ” he said. “I hope some legislators from Yeongnam will not show up at the convention,” he said.

Political critic Park Sang-byeong said, “We must stop Yeongnam people from showing up at the national convention” and “Is the People Power Party really the People Power Party?” “I see it as ‘the power of Yeongnam,'” he said. Also, “President Yoon does not have the strength to make a comeback. He also called for a complete separation of the party and government, saying, “We must separate from Chairman Yoon in order to rebuild conservatism.”

Journalist Choi Hyun-wook

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