Controversial Police Handling of Indian-American Student’s Death Sparks Outrage

2023-09-15 00:25:10

When an Indian female student was hit and killed by a patrol car, the police officer who handled the incident laughed and said that the problem could be solved by just “writing a check”. His attitude of treating human life as trivial caused controversy. (Picture/reproduced from Twitter)

In January this year, a Seattle police officer hit and killed Indian-American female student Jaahnavi Kandula at a speed of 119 kilometers per hour. After the police officer reported the accident, his colleagues who supported him laughed and said that they only needed one ticket for US$11,000 (approximately NT$350,000). The exposure of the relevant audio files has not only caused public outrage, but the Indian authorities have also asked the United States to conduct a thorough investigation and severely punish him.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, Janavi, a 23-year-old Indian female student, was crossing the road on January 23 this year when she was hit by police officer Kevin Dave driving a patrol car at a speed of 119 kilometers per hour. Janavi was killed on the spot. He was thrown more than 30 meters away and was rushed to the hospital but died of serious injuries.

After the incident, Daniel Auderer, vice president of the Seattle Police Department Association (SPOG) and a police officer, was informed and rushed to the scene to provide support. Unexpectedly, when he carried out relevant measures and reported it to his superiors, he actually laughed frivolously and said that he just killed an ordinary person. “Just write a check for $11,000. She is already 26 years old anyway (should be 23 years old) and her value is limited.” This conversation was all recorded by a body camera and was recently captured by Seattle police. The police department is open to the public.

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After the news came to light, the Indian Embassy in the United States issued a statement saying that the handling of this traffic accident was “deeply disturbing” and that it had solemnly negotiated with U.S. officials and requested that those involved be thoroughly investigated and severely punished. It will continue to pay attention to the follow-up. develop.

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