Controversy Surrounding Abdulaziz Al-Malik’s Candidacy for Youth Presidency at Al-Shabab Saudi Club

2023-09-11 14:56:52

Abdulaziz Al-Malik announced his candidacy for youth presidency, and then the controversy began..


Controversy does not want to leave Al-Shabab Saudi Club recently working in silence, as the time has come for controversy over its expected new president.

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In late August, the Saudi Ministry of Sports announced the dissolution of the Board of Directors of Al-Laith Al-Abyad, headed by Khaled Al-Thunayan, regarding a month following his election, following the resignation of a number of board members, in objection to the transfer of player Hassan Timbukti to Al-Hilal during the past summer Mercato.

Yesterday, Abdulaziz Al-Malik announced: The golden member of the Capital Club, submitted his candidacy papers for the presidency to succeed Al-Thunayan, amid overwhelming joy from the youth.

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The youth’s joy over Al-Malik’s candidacy is motivated by his belonging to a youth family, as his father’s brother, his “uncle,” had previously headed the club in the 1990s, and during his reign the team was crowned champion of the Crown Prince Cup and the Arab Elite Championship.

However, while a large segment of Al-Lyouth fans celebrate and are optimistic regarding the son of the Al-Shabab family, sports journalist Miteb bin Abdullah claimed that the owner has strong support from the golden members who supported Khaled Al-Thunayan before, and some began to predict a not-so-bright future for the club.

One of them wrote, commenting on the journalist’s allegations: “The same names = Miteb Al-Harbi for Al-Hilal, and Al-Shabab continues to paralyze the branch,” while another added: “That’s it, Abu Abdullah, arm your youth.”.

On the other hand, there is also a Nasrawi objection to Al-Malik, on the grounds that he insulted Al-Alami in his old tweets and also insulted his former president, Prince Faisal bin Turki.

It is noteworthy that the revolution that took place in Al-Shabab following Timbukti moved to Al-Hilal took place in light of the club’s golden refusal to give up any of the team’s stars, in addition to the fact that the leader’s offer was much less material than the offer made by Al-Nasr.

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