Coronavirus: ButanVac tests suffer from a lack of volunteers; learn how to participate

2023-06-25 12:54:00

The Butantan Institute announced the sequence of recruitment by volunteers for the second phase of the clinical trial of ButanVac, a vaccine developed in Brazil once morest Covid-19. For the sequence of tests, it is necessary to have 400 volunteers. However, so far, only 70 vacancies are filled.

The second stage will focus on proving that the vaccine is capable of generating antibodies, even in those who have previously been vaccinated. In the first phase, ButanVac proved to be safe and to induce the production of antibodies once morest the coronavirus.

How to participate?

If you are interested in being a research volunteer, requirements include being over 18 years old, having stable medical conditions and having already received four doses of any vaccine once morest SARS-CoV-2.

To enroll, you must look for one of the participating centers and express your willingness to take part. You can consult the list of locations and how to get in touch here.

Technology 2.0

ButanVac was announced in March 2021, as a vaccine that uses a “technology 2.0”, as defined by the director of Butantan at the time, Dimas Covas. Its production works by inoculation in an embryonated egg, using the viral vector technique.

The immunizer uses the inactivated Newcastle Disease virus – which only infects birds, without symptoms in humans – to take the coronavirus protein and generate the production of antibodies. This process facilitates manufacturing on an industrial scale with the Institute’s current infrastructure, which makes costs cheaper.

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