Court of Appeal: Katerina Janouch guilty of gross defamation of teachers

The Court of Appeal determines damages of 50,000 for a teacher who was subjected to gross defamation.

The threats against the teachers A named teacher receives SEK 50,000 in damages and Katerina Janouch is convicted of gross defamation by the Svea Court of Appeal. This since Janouch claimed on two occasions on his blog and in social media that the teacher forced students to profess Islam during a lesson. That’s what Expo newspaper writes.

The head protection officer Eva-Lotta Järvi was quickly on site at the school when it became clear what had happened.

A guardian had misunderstood a student’s account of a lesson, and posted information on social media that a teacher had forced students to convert to Islam.

But Katerina Janouch picked up on the incident, and published it on two occasions on her blog and in social media.

– I was called at 6.30 by the local security representative that there was a threatening image. I ran there at once, says Eva-Lotta Järvi.

Then it went quickly.

Teachers and school threatened

The information was spread and both the teacher and the school were threatened.

– My first goal was to support the teacher, I gave her a hug and said I would be with her all day. There was upward support from the former Teachers’ Union. The municipality brought representatives. It became a large team that helped and supported, it was not just one teacher who was affected. The whole school was affected, says Eva-Lotta Järvi.

The threats escalated and the municipality hired security guards.

– The teacher went underground, she couldn’t live at home for the first time, says Eva-Lotta Järvi.

But the event also had positive side effects.

Flowers from all over Sweden

– Flowers came from all over Sweden and they showed sympathy for what happened to the teachers at the school. I sat in the coffee room the whole first few days and there were many people who wanted to talk. Then I had contact with the press service and the regional association. My biggest mission was to be there and deal with any eventualities, she says.

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Afterwards, the municipality and the former Teachers’ Union reviewed the efforts.

– The organization we had worked well. Then we distributed tasks, for example it was a colleague who took care of the teacher’s email. But the entire crisis management was fantastic from the municipality’s side, they did everything they had to and maybe more, says Eva-Lotta Järvi.

The Court of Appeal follows the Uppsala district court’s judgment, but increases gross defamation from one case to two, because Janouch continued to publish the information, despite the municipality denying the incident, writes Expo.

Katerina Janouch comments on the verdict on X, formerly Twitter:

“I knew that I would be convicted by the Swedish corrupt and incompetent judiciary which now devotes itself to political and moral judgments instead of acting in the service of truth and justice”.


Lesson on Islam went viral – teacher threatened with death

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