COVID-19 in Peru: people over 30 years of age can receive their fourth dose against the coronavirus starting today | VIDEO Minsa Jorge López Ministry of Health rmmn | LIME

the owner of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), Jorge López, announced that from today people over 30 years of age who have completed five months or more of having applied their third dose, can now receive the fourth vaccine against the coronavirus (COVI-19).

“Today we are lowering it. The Committee of Experts has evaluated, has seen that the third dose has already exceeded 70%, so he is going down to 30 years upwards for his fourth dose, he indicated in dialogue with Latina.

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At another time, Minister López ruled out that we have reached the peak of the fourth wave of the coronavirus. We continue to evaluate. We have an increase, but we are also having plateaus at the same time, small, but they are having “.

Minsa: From today over 30 years old receive the fourth dose

He also assured that the national health system has 3,000 ICU beds prepared and equipped to care for patients infected with COVID-19. A group of them are currently occupied by non-COVID-19 patients.. The coronavirus group does not exceed 35 beds nationwide”.

For her part, the head of Immunizations of the SometimesMaría Elena Martínez, indicated that the vaccination gap in children continues to shrink.

“That gap we are effectively shortening. We have 600 thousand children who have not received the second doseThat is why my message to parents to take their children and sign the signed consent so that the brigades can vaccinate in schools”he urged.

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