Crabs armed with guns, Steam’s new Crab Champions ‘overwhelmingly positive’

Crabs armed with guns, Steam’s new Crab Champions ‘overwhelmingly positive’
2023.04.04 17:30 Game Mecca Reporter Kim Mi-hee

▲ Crab Champions, released on April 2nd and receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews (source: Steam official page)

Released on April 1st overseas, there was a suspicion that it was ‘April Fool’s Day’, but the new game on Steam, which is said to have surprised gamers even more because it is a real game, is receiving positive reviews. As of April 4, the number of reviews is ‘overwhelmingly positive (98%)’ with about 2,000.

The main character is ‘Crab Champions’, a new shooting game released on Steam on April 2nd in Korea. As mentioned earlier, the crab armed with a gun is the main character, and you can become stronger by defeating enemies and collecting loot while exploring exotic islands. Unlike normal crabs, you can enjoy a sense of speed because you move quickly by jumping, and you can experience a different play each time through play that lasts from 20 to 40 minutes with the addition of a roguelike element.

▲ Crab Champions play video (video source: game official YouTube channel)

All loot in the game can be acquired through play, and the production team emphasized that loot boxes, microtransactions, and additional purchases are not required at all. In addition, it is possible to play solo, but it also supports cooperative play in which up to three people form a team.

The initial evaluation of Crab Champions is that it is still in the early access version, so the content is not rich, but apart from the gag concept of crabs as the protagonist, it is said that the combination of collecting loot and building multiple builds in fast-paced battles is alive. Some say that it seems to have made a crab version of ‘Risk of Rain 2’, which was well-received for its multiplayer roguelike orientation.

▲ Screenshot of Crab Champions (Photo source: Steam official page)
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