Crealo Secures 14.1 Million Dirhams Investment to Revolutionize Copyright Management in Europe

2024-01-18 22:36:45

Opening of new opportunities for the startup Crealo with the injection of 14.1 million dirhams (1.3 million euros) into its capital by several investors including CDG Invest, the Kima Ventures funds, Evolem, Super Capital.

With its innovative solution and its potential for disruption in the cultural and creative industry, Crealo is well positioned to become a major player in copyright management in Europe and beyond. Thanks to this fundraising, create it will be able to strengthen its leading position in the market, improve its product and expand its activities into new sectors. It is in this context that CDG Invest, the investment branch of the CDG Group, announces its entry into the capital of the startup Crealo co-founded by Najlae Zeitouni and Mohammed Belghiti, two MREs. This young company, winner of the seventh promotion of the 212Founders program within Station F, specializes in the management and payment of copyrights.

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Crealo’s SEED fundraising, for a total amount of 14.1 million dirhams, was carried out in collaboration with several investors, including the Kima Ventures, Evolem, Super Capital funds, as well as certain business angels. CDG Invest contributed 4.9 million dirhams. This capital injection will allow Crealo to consolidate its position as a reference solution in the field of copyright management, by investing in improving the quality of its product, establishing new partnerships and expansion of its teams.

The program 212Founders, as part of its mission to promote entrepreneurship and economic growth in Morocco, has already completed 18 Seed and Series A financings since 2019, totaling an amount of 97 million dirhams. This initiative played a key role in supporting Moroccan startups with an international vocation.

It is the first complete European solution dedicated to the payment of copyright in France

It must be said that Crealo stands out as the first complete European solution dedicated to the payment of copyright in all verticals of the cultural and creative industry. Among its clients are renowned players such as the Palais de Tokyo, L’Équipe, Beaux-Arts Magazine and the National Museum of Natural History. The Crealo platform offers a modern and intuitive solution, automating the entire copyright monitoring process in France. Publishing houses using this platform can perform their royalty calculations in one click and make instant payments. This automation thus makes it possible to accelerate payments, moving from an annual frequency to half-yearly or even quarterly frequencies, with the ultimate objective of making the payment of royalties as fluid as a salary payment.

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A positive contribution within the Moroccan community

Najlae Zeitouni, co-founder and CEO of Crealo, says she is delighted to welcome CDG Invest in its round of financing. “We are delighted to welcome CDG Invest as one of our investors, and we look forward to benefiting from their expertise and support. Thanks to this fundraising, we will be able to further improve our technological solution, expand our presence in new markets and offer an optimal experience to our customers.”

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For his part, Nawfal Fassi Fihri, Director of the 212Founders program, underlines the importance of Crealo’s arrival in the Moroccan entrepreneurial community and expresses his confidence in the company’s potential. “We are delighted to welcome the talented founders of Crealo among the entrepreneurs of our diaspora. We are convinced that they will make a positive contribution to Morocco and participate in the emergence of entrepreneurial successes within the Moroccan community,” he declares. CDG Invest’s investment demonstrates the CDG Group’s commitment to economic development and productive diversification in Morocco. CDG Invest, as an investor and manager of private equity funds, plays a key role in the promotion of entrepreneurship, the development of public-private partnerships and economic sustainability.

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