Daihatsu will suspend car deliveries due to crash test data scandal

2023-12-20 13:39:31

In total, the violations cover 64 Daihatsu models, including 22 models sold under the Toyota brand.

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A subsidiary of the Japanese concern Toyota Daihatsu will temporarily suspend deliveries of its cars in Japan and abroad due to a scandal with crash test data and other violations related to the safety of vehicle operation. This was reported on the Toyota website.

“The independent commission’s investigation found 174 new violations in 25 test categories, in addition to violations found in April and May related to door trim and side impact testing,” the report said. In total, the violations cover 64 Daihatsu models, including 22 models sold under the Toyota brand. We are talking about Toyota Probox, Town Ace, Roomy, Pixis cars.

“In response to these findings, Daihatsu has decided today to temporarily suspend deliveries of all Daihatsu-developed models currently produced both in Japan and overseas. Toyota has also decided to temporarily suspend deliveries of the affected models. We would like to offer our sincere apologies for the inconvenience and concern to all concerned, including customers. Daihatsu informed us that it will further clarify the situation with the authorities and, under their leadership, will take all necessary measures,” Toyota noted.

Japan’s Ministry of Public Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will conduct searches at Daihatsu’s headquarters in Osaka this week due to violations, Kyodo reported.

In April, Daihatsu discovered deficiencies in side-impact safety tests for four models and decided to set up an independent panel to look into the issue. The company said in May that it also found problems in testing its small Rocky SUV and the similar Raize model that Daihatsu makes under the Toyota brand. Due to this, the production of these popular cars on the Japanese market was suspended.

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About company

In 2022, Toyota and its subsidiaries Daihatsu and Hino produced 10.51 million vehicles worldwide. At the same time, Daihatsu accounts for about 1.7 million units.

Daihatsu specializes in the production of compact subcompact cars. It has worked closely with Toyota since 1967. Since 2016, the company has been 100% owned by Toyota. In the Japanese market, Daihatsu accounts for about a third of sales in the small car segment.

Over the past few years, Japanese car companies including Nissan Suzuki and Mazda have been at the center of scandals involving falsification of emissions data.

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