Deadly Drone Strikes Shake Ukraine: Updates on Kharkiv, Chassiv Yar, and More

2024-04-06 07:13:23

– Six dead after drone strikes in Kharkiv: The death toll from the drone attack on Ukraine’s second city last night rose to six dead and ten injured, the city’s mayor said on Saturday. “Six dead and ten injured following night attack on Shevchenkivskyi district“, a district located in the north of the city of Kharkiv (north-eastern Ukraine), said Mayor Igor Terekhov, in a message on Telegram.

– Russian operations intensify around Chassiv Yar: Russia is progressing little by little towards the town of Tchssiv Iar, a key locality located west of Bakhmout (east of the country), according to the authorities put in place by Moscow in the region. For a week, “the situation is heating up“in this area, recognized the head of the Ukrainian military administration of Tchasiv Yar, Serguiï Tchaous, stressing that the city was under “the constant fire“Russian soldiers.

– A Ukrainian attack hits planes at a Russian base: thanks to drones, Ukraine managed to destroy at least six planes at the Russian military base in Morozovsk, on Russian territory, on Friday. Around twenty people were killed or injured during this offensive, according to kyiv. This site is used by Moscow as an important support point in its war in Ukraine.

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