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2023-12-15 08:00:00

In his “Café sansfilter”, Maxime Binet returned to the statements of Paul Magnette explaining that the N-VA did not need to make lists in Wallonia for the 2024 elections because “the N-VA in Wallonia, it already exists, it’s called MR”. What does Denis Ducarme think of this sentence from the president of the Socialist Party? “With comparisons like that, we could respond to Paul Magnette that the PS does not need to make a list since there are the PTB lists,” says the federal deputy. “We know well that the N-VA project is not ours, we are not a party that defends confederalism, it is quite the opposite. We are a liberal party, not conservative. At the Reform Movement, we are a party that goes from the center to the right […] The heart of the MR is obviously the liberals,” declares Denis Ducarme.

Maxime Binet also questioned Denis Ducarme about the MR’s communication campaign with their signs displaying “in Wallonia, there are fifty shades of left and us”. Is this campaign not forgetting the other French-speaking parties? “Challenge like Les Engagés, when the time comes, will kneel in front of the left with the PS or Ecolo to serve the dishes in order to rise to regional responsibilities in Brussels or Wallonia,” answers Denis Ducarme. “If we don’t see a blue wave in the next elections, we will see DéFi and the Engagés serve as a stepping stone for left-wing politics,” confirms the federal deputy.

Puy du Fou in Wallonia: “The woke left is positioning itself”

Wallonia is on the shortlist to host Puy du Fou. But this historic theme park is the subject of ethical questions, including accusations of rewriting history. “It’s a beautiful park, but you have to go there like you’re watching fiction, it’s not a university, nor a book nor a school. I would not do like the left-wing paternalists who believe that visitors have no capacity for criticism or free examination in terms of swallowing the history that we give them,” according to Denis Ducarme. He is saddened by the way in which the subject is approached in Wallonia, pointing out a form of wokism: “The woke left is positioning itself […] I see more and more on the left this form of slippage of this order with a pseudo-ideology which becomes an economic and social brake. It worries me”.

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