Deputies of the Pampas PJ will request the Jury for the poor performance of judge Ana Pérez Ballester

The block of representatives of Peronism (Frejupa) in La Pampa announced this Thursday that it will promote a jury for poor performance against the judge Ana Clara Perez Ballester, who granted possession of Lucio Dupuy to his mother, Magdalena Esposito Valenti, and your partner Abigail Peacecondemned by the pampas justice as guilty of the heinous crime of the little boy.

As is known, both women were found guilty of killing, torturing and sexually abusing the minor, crimes that can lead to life imprisonment.

The news that the legislators of the Pampas government want to put Judge Ballester on the bench was confirmed by the deputy and candidate for lieutenant governor Alicia Mayoral, who pointed out to the local media that “the text of the request for jury is already drawn up” and that they were only waiting for the sentence to present it before the Superior Court of Justice of La Pampa.

It is hard to imagine the horror suffered by Lucio Dupuy at the hands of his mother and the couple.

As reported, other blocks of the provincial opposition, such as the Federal Proposal, are also analyzing promoting their own requests for jury to the magistrate, who was always fiercely questioned by Lucio’s paternal family, who accused her of handing over custody of the minor to his mother. and this couple “without the slightest socio-environmental study” and ignoring the complaints from the family of Lucio’s father, that on repeated occasions he accused Espósito Valenti and Abigail Páez of violence and mistreatment.

“He never listened to us, the third murderer of my grandson is called Ana Clara Pérez Ballester, the judge of General Pico, who handed over the baby on a gold platter to be killed,” denounced Lucio’s grandfather, Ramón Dupuy, adding “that judge is still in office, but she has no empathy or heart, they keep her only because she belongs to the radical ‘green collectives’.”

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