Detroit Airport’s ‘Parallel Reality’ Screen Only Shows You Your Flight Details, Disbelieving Passengers

In what is considered a “parallel reality experience”, a digital display is capable of displaying personalized flight information to multiple users at the same time. This is done through the detection of non-biometric objects at Detroit airport in the United States. A video that was uploaded to Reddit shows several people stunned after discovering this. The exercise looks like this: you scan your boarding pass, look at the giant screen and only see your flight information. It also includes the number of minutes it takes you to walk to the door.

According to a report by Geek Wire, the technology was developed by Misapplied Sciences, a startup founded by a small team of Microsoft and Walt Disney Imagineering veterans.

Delta uses Detroit’s high-tech departure sign as part of its digital identity experience. This allows travelers to speed up processes such as baggage check-in, security checkpoints and boarding.

Since being uploaded, the video has gone viral and managed to garner hundreds of comments. “Just imagine that at some point in the future domed pixels and surveillance cameras will be used to have personalized ads in real life,” wrote one Reddit user. Another person wrote: “I wonder if this technology will be adapted to 3D screens. Instead of separate people, it should be your eyes. Easier too because you don’t need to display more images at once, just 2. 3D display without glasses should be awesome.

Albert Ng, the company’s CEO and co-founder, in an interview with Geek Wire said, “Multiple people can look at the same pixel at the same time, and yet perceive a completely different color.” He then explained how each individual pixel. “Then we can create displays by having arrays of these multi-view pixels, and we can control the colors of light that each pixel sends out,” he added. Moreover, after coordinating all these light rays together, one can form images at different places.

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