Diabetes | 60-year-old physician loses 23kg with out ravenous himself, reverses prediabetes, lowers blood sugar and loses weight

2024-06-22 06:33:11

The right way to reverse diabetes? A 60-year-old physician in Taiwan was as soon as overweight and had prediabetes. Later, he relied on his personal “one sugar weight loss plan” to lose 23 kilograms (about 51 kilos) in 4 years, efficiently dropping pounds and reducing blood sugar, and reversing prediabetes!

60-year-old physician’s weight, BMI and excessive blood sugar are within the pre-diabetes stage

Metabolic physician You Nengjun on the presentWell being 2.0He shared his personal expertise, saying that he was overweight a few years in the past, and his stomach would hit the desk when he sat down. His weight was as excessive as 78 kg (about 171 kilos), and his BMI (physique mass index) was higher than 30 (higher than or equal to 25 is taken into account overweight). When he noticed a affected person, he identified that the affected person had a giant stomach, however the affected person mentioned, “One finger is in comparison with others, and 4 fingers are in comparison with myself.” He felt ashamed, so he made up his thoughts to vary.

He additionally identified that he himself has a household historical past of diabetes, and even his grandmother and aunt died of diabetes. When he underwent a bodily examination three years in the past, it was discovered that his fasting blood sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin ranges had reached pre-diabetes ranges, and he was just one step away from growing diabetes.

[Bonus]What is taken into account excessive blood sugar? What’s diabetes?

Self-made weight reduction weight loss plan to lose 23kg and reverse prediabetes

Dr. You mentioned that since he usually comes into contact with diabetic sufferers and infrequently measures the results of varied meals on blood sugar ranges, he regularly found and found out meals which have a decrease impression on blood sugar, and applied the “one-portion sugar weight loss plan”, coupled with common train. He ultimately succeeded in dropping 23 kilograms (about 51 kilos) in 4 years, and his physique fats share dropped from 35% to 18%, and he even reversed the prediabetes stage.

What’s the “One Sugar Weight loss program”? ⬇⬇⬇

One sugar weight loss planmenu

  • The one-portion sugar weight loss plan means consuming just one portion of sugar per meal, and including protein, greens, and so on. The meals portion ratio is “6:3:1”, that’s, 6 parts of greens, 3 parts of protein, and 1 portion of sugar.
  • 1 portion of sugar: about 1/4 bowl of rice
  • 3 servings of protein: about half a bowl of boneless meat or different protein
  • 6 servings of greens: about 1.5 bowls after cooking

He reminded that for those who train recurrently and are in a stronger form, you’ll be able to enhance the protein consumption to 4 servings. As well as, the fruit consumption mustn’t exceed half a serving and must be divided into two parts. As a result of fruit itself accommodates sugar, consuming an excessive amount of can simply enhance blood sugar.

One in 10 folks in Hong Kong endure from diabetes. Be careful for the 8 early signs

In keeping with information from the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, one in each ten Hong Kong residents has diabetes, a quantity that’s rising quickly. Diabetes can also be turning into extra frequent amongst youthful folks.

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Early signs and issues of diabetes⬇⬇⬇

The Hong Kong Hospital Authority quoted the American Diabetes Affiliation’s proposal and identified that the definitions of irregular blood sugar and diabetes are as follows:

Prediabetes: irregular fasting blood sugar, irregular blood sugar tolerance

  • Irregular fasting blood sugar: fasting blood sugar ranges from “≥5.6mmol/L” to ”
  • Impaired blood sugar tolerance: Blood sugar 2 hours after a meal ranges from “≥7.8mmol/L” to “


  • Fasting blood glucose ≥7 mmol/L, or blood glucose >11.1 mmol/L 2 hours after a meal

Early signs and issues of diabetes:

  • Frequent thirst, frequent urination, starvation, weight reduction, straightforward fatigue, blurred imaginative and prescient, gradual wound therapeutic, and itchy pores and skin. Ladies can also expertise genital itching.
  • If diabetes shouldn’t be managed, it could worsen and result in six issues: coronary heart illness, stroke, kidney failure, amputation, blindness and impotence.

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