Diablo Immortal Player Bought Eternal Orbs From Third Party Reseller And Now Owes Blizzard Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars

That’s why buying in-game items from the outside can go sideways. At least one gamer who bought Eternal Orbs (an in-game currency) for Diablo Immortal from a third-party seller with real money is deeply in debt.

Since Eternal Orbs are a critical currency for progression, buying them from third-party sellers has a chance to drastically ruin your entire gaming experience. Apparently, Blizzard began to withdraw such purchases and completely ban accounts.

One of the players under the nickname Shia shared a screenshot with a balance of minus 2,491,025 spheres. If you translate this is about 35 thousand dollars. According to the gamer, he is thinking about how to stop playing.

This situation is not uncommon in online games, although such large “debts” are extremely rare. When it comes to sites that sell in-game currency at a huge discount, then something is not clean here.

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