Discover Maurice Bakery: Handcrafted Sourdough Bread with Ancient Wheat and Local Ingredients

2023-10-05 10:07:47

Baptiste is not a baker like the others. In his micro bakery located on rue de Nazareth, in the Carmes district of Toulouse, he makes sourdough bread. For this, he uses ancient wheat that he kneads by hand with a little Guérande salt and filtered water.

“I work directly with peasant millers in the region who make their flour on a stone mill,” explains the manager of the Mauritius bakery.

A village bakery in the city

When he walks through the door, the visitor takes a leap back fifty years. Baptiste knows all his customers. The atmosphere is warm and the breads are more succulent than the others. Maurice “was my grandfather. It was obvious to me to call my business that. He was a peasant. Wheat starts with land, so it made sense.”

Here, at the Maurice bakery, we speak informally, we ask about the family before ordering a spelled roll. “You sell baguettes,” asks a tourist with a German accent, visibly looking for the tricolor emblem. “No, I don’t make baguettes, but I make good bread,” replies Baptiste with a smile on his lips.

“I am absolutely against the traditional baguette which has nothing traditional about it,” he explains later. It is a blend of flours which was invented to improve the image of the bakery. It worked well, it must be said, but it is full of sugar. » Indeed, it is estimated that a white baguette has the same caloric intake as a can of Coke. “I make my bread with semi-wholemeal flour, so we have a real food that can accompany our meals. »

Healthy, local bread

Every morning, the Maurice bakery is transformed into a workshop. Baptiste shapes everything by hand. Its installation requires an hour and a half to two hours of preparation. “It requires a lot of concentration, because for each loaf I have to adapt my actions. Beyond the technique, sourdough bread is a lot of feeling. You have to feel the dough. »

Olivier Montégut / AirZen Radio

“For me, the commitment is to refuse to make a product that harms those who consume it,” explains the young baker. This involves kneading, leavening, water filtration, and the sourcing of each component. “My choice of wheat also helps preserve the biodiversity sown and the fair remuneration of producers. This is extremely important to me. »

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But then, why prefer ancient wheat? “These are wheats that have never been artificially hybridized. They have very low protein levels, therefore better digestibility. Add to that the leaven and a long fermentation and we come back to a bread that is simple and digestible. » According to Baptiste, there are more and more intolerances today and “we understand why given the quantity of gluten that we are pushed to consume”.

Natural sourdough also has the undeniable advantage of producing bread that can be kept for many days. “Customers are often surprised. »

Baptiste learned late. Before becoming a baker, a profession he has held for almost 10 years, he had 1000 other lives. Sound recordist, floor installer, caregiver… “I don’t see the end of it. I am happy with what I am doing today,” concludes the founder of the Maurice bakery.

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