Discover the Timeless Charm of ‘Miami Vice’ and Catch Up with Don Johnson Today

2023-08-27 11:13:00

“Miami Vice” was one of the most acclaimed series on North American television and its broadcast on NBC came to an end in 1989. Despite the fact that this television milestone was set aside many years ago, in the event of not knowing what to see and being a little nostalgic, this police plot is always an excellent option.

The detective “Sony Crocket” was one of the great figures of the saga and was starred by the great actor Don Johnson. In addition, Philip Michael Thomas got fully into the role of Ricardo Tubbs, the perfect partner if you want to see a lot of action and of course, two very attractive men for women.

Don Johnson y Philip Michael Thomas. Fuente: Instagram @miamivice_tv

This is what Don Johnson from “Miami Vice” looks like today

The actors of “Miami Vice”Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, were the two undisputed leading men on American television as they stole the looks of thousands of women throughout the world who fell in love with the beauty and youth of the actors of the iconic police series.

Don Johnson looks very different to “Sony Crock” from 40 years ago since the famous heartthrob who conquered television in the United States in 1984 is currently over 70 years old and enjoys being considered one of the most famous and influential actors of the 80s for his long participation in this series that is undoubtedly the one that most marked television in those times.

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Don Johnson. Fuente: Instagram @donjohnson

“Miami Vice” It has many successes such as its color palette and also its production in terms of clothing and aesthetics, since you will see a Don Johnson very different from the current one but with a style that coincidentally begins to be a trend again like everything that refers to the 80’s.


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