Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Woody and Buzz Lightyear

A big content update Disney Dreamlight Valley was rolled out on Tuesday, featuring all-new missions featuring two characters from Toy Story: Woody and Buzz Lightyear/Lightyear.

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The game, designed by the Gameloft studio, is still in early access before its official release, scheduled for 2023. Disney Dreamlight Valley will be free upon release, but those who want to enjoy the game and its content updates now can try early access, which is paid.

The update Toy Story Rolling out on December 6 comes with a whole host of new features, but first you need to know how to unlock the Woody and Buzz Lightyear/Lightyear characters. Weighs on start has put together a short, easy-to-follow guide to unlocking the two new characters from Disney Dreamlight Valley!

It should be noted that Woody and Buzz’s quests are a bit intertwined, so there is only one guide to unlocking both characters. The guide seems long, but everything is done very quickly, so don’t be afraid!

How to Unlock Woody and Buzz Lightyear / Lightyear in Disney Dreamlight Valley

1. Find the gate to the Kingdom of Toy Story in the Castle of Dreams. The door is on the 2nd floor, to the right of the portal that leads to the Frozen Kingdom. To open the door, you will have to pay 7000 Dreamlight.

Screenshot: Kazzie Charbonneau, Weigh in on start

The door to the Toy Story Kingdom, located on the 2nd floor of the castle.

2. Once in the Kingdom of Toy Story, go talk to Buzz. He will ask you to fetch 2 piles AA in the room. They are easy to find; the room is not very big. Take the batteries to Buzz.

3. Buzz will then ask you to find 10 parts missing of a racing circuit and bring them back.

4. Keep talking to Buzz. It will then ask you to find 5 “Magical Growth Cacti” in the Toy Story play. Cacti are everywhere in the room. They have different colors.

5. Place the magic growth cacti under the racetrack on the ground. The places where you have to place the cacti will shine. Once the cacti are placed, water them and go back to talk to Buzz.

6. Buzz will ask you to move near a ladder on the ground, near the mini-oven. Trigger the sequence, and Woody will appear near a window next to the bed.

The ladder that will trigger the sequence

Screenshot: Kazzie Charbonneau, Weigh in on start

The ladder that will trigger the sequence

7. Go talk to Woody and Buzz. They will ask you to find the 4 designs with stars made by Bonnie in the room and photograph them. Look in the distance and on the walls! There are 4 in total.

8. Go back and talk to Buzz, who will ask you to place his “RV” in your village. Exit the Toy Story room and return to your village to place his “RV”. Pay Scrooge 10,000 coins to build it. Boom! Buzz is now in your village.

9. Missing Woody! Return to the Kingdom of Toy Story and talk to him. It will ask you to find 8 popsicle sticks (aka popsicle sticks) and 5 pieces of pipe cleaner.

10. To find the 8 rods, use your shovel on the paper balls all over the room. To find the 5 pieces of pipe cleaner, hit the candies into the room with your pickaxe. Bring the materials to Woody.

11. Woody will then ask you to go pick 2 yellow daisies. So you have to leave the Toy Story Kingdom and visit the Tranquil Meadow and pick 2 yellow daisies.

12. Before going back to see Woody, go talk to Buzz in your village; he will give you a adhesive agent which you need. Then, return to Woody in the Toy Story Kingdom.

13. Woody will move to the ground, near a small truss at the bottom of the bed. Talk to him, and he’ll ask you to find 5 origami animals in the room. Bring the origami animals to Woody.

14. You can now build Woody’s house. Return to your village and find the perfect location for his “merry-go-round.” The construction will cost 10,000 coins. Once the carousel is built, Woody will appear in your village.

That’s all! It may seem long, but it is done very quickly. There’s just a lot of back and forth!

Keep following Weigh in on start, we’ll tell you how to unlock Stitch from Lilo & Stitch next week!

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