Disney+ Takes Action Against Shared Accounts in Canada: Latest Updates and Punishments Revealed

2023-09-28 13:42:10

The plan against shared accounts begins in Canada.

Netflix you are not alone. Shared accounts are not liked by security services streamingcon Disney starting to take action against them.

Disney+ will begin imposing new rules on the use of shared accounts, first in Canada.

Service streaming has already informed its subscribers about the new conditions, which will come into effect from November 1.

Disney+ against shared accounts

“Unless permitted by your service level, you cannot share your subscription outside of your home,” the email specifies.

Disney+ anticipates punishments for users who share accounts outside their home, although it mentions “service levels”, so it could implement an extra payment for accounts outside the home such as Netflix.

“If we determine that you have violated the agreement, we may limit or terminate your access to the service and/or take other steps permitted by this agreement.”

Bob Iger, CEO of Disneyhad already anticipated measures against shared accounts, although it was expected that these would only begin to be implemented in 2024.

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