“Doctor Thira” warns of danger after contracting Covid-19, condition of long COVID

Have you ever eaten delicious food? good smell became a distorted taste That used to be delicious turned out to be unpalatable. The scent that used to smell has become unbearable.

I used to have no disease, suddenly becoming unexpectedly found, such as diabetes, thrombosis arrhythmia Heart attack, chronic pain, chronic pain, etc.

People who have been infected have recovered. also be aware that the risk of various conditions It still exists and may happen later. therefore must regularly assess their own health status Take good care of yourself, protectDo not reinfect

The one who survived every season must not be careless

Always wearing a mask is the most important thing. and must be done in conjunction with avoiding risky behaviors risky activities risky place

Don’t let the time come when you think of the phrase, “It shouldn’t be, I know…”

because at that point can’t go back

…Preventing yourself from getting infected is the best…

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