Double-Decker Tourist Bus Collision in Manhattan: Over 80 Injured, 18 Hospitalized

2023-07-07 03:47:49

New York

In Manhattan, 80 injured in a collision between two buses

The accident occurred between two buses, one of which was full of tourists. More than 80 people were injured, 18 of whom were hospitalized.

Posted7 July 2023, 05:47

A double-decker, open-top sightseeing bus crashed into the back of another city-operated bus.

Twitter / FDNY

Two buses, one of which was full of tourists, collided Thursday evening in the New York district of Manhattan, causing more than 80 injuries, including 18 hospitalized, without their vital prognosis being engaged, according to firefighters.

The crash happened around 7:00 p.m. (2300 GMT) on First Avenue near Gramercy Park, New York City Fire Deputy Chief Kevin Murphy said. Footage posted by firefighters on Twitter shows an open-top, double-decker tourist bus crashing into the back of another city-operated bus.

“Both buses appeared to be full,” said Paul Hopper, a deputy chief of the fire department’s emergency medical service. “We transported 18 patients” to hospital, he said, adding that no vital prognosis was involved. In addition, 63 other passengers in the two vehicles were taken care of by medical personnel at the scene, said Paul Hopper. “A lot of injuries are just cuts, bruises, scratches, a few suspected broken bones, a few head and neck injuries as well,” he further detailed.

Firefighters had to use ropes and ladders to extract passengers from the double-decker bus after one of its doors was damaged, according to Murphy, who declined to comment on the cause of the crash. The nationality of the injured was not immediately known.

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