Double quasar travels through space 10 billion years to Earth, about to merge into a monster

A time-lapse image from 10 billion years into the past has just entered the “magic eye” of the Hubble space telescope, showing how an unbelievably large and powerful cosmic monster was born.

Theo Live Science, the two objects recorded by NASA’s Hubble are two very large quasars. Quasar is a way to call a bright star-like object when viewed from Earth, but is actually a disguised person.

They are usually monstrous black holes, but not as silent and invisible as most black holes that are violently devouring matter. Gas and dust particles are accelerated by the power of the black hole to nearly the speed of light, glowing intensely.

Real images of two extremely rare double quasars in the Hubble data

The light from all that is swallowed up makes the black hole brighter than the light from the entire galaxy containing the Earth’s Milky Way combined, so it looks like a bright star even though it’s so far away from us.

The double quasar captured by NASA has a record distance: 10 billion light years.

Scientists have hypothesized that such extremely bright quasars are a sign of the early universe, but the “twin” nature of the new objects makes them particularly interesting.

According to astronomer Yu-Ching Chen from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA), lead author of the study just published in the journal Science and Technology. Nature about two strange quasars, They are an extremely rare pair in the early universe.

They tried to consider the possibility that they were just optical illusions, caused by the Hubble lens accidentally looking around through a region of space-time that is warped by the gravity of some giant object. But not so, they are really twins – another observation from WM Keck Observatory in Hawaii confirmed.

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The graphic shows what you would see if you were closer to the pair of “monsters” – (Image: NASA/ESA/STScl).

They are not only rare double quasars, but also in the process of preparing to merge together. The merger will inevitably form a bright black hole collision, releasing tremendous energy and resulting in a massive monster black hole.

More specifically, the image provided by Hubble or MW Keck is not an image of the present, but Timeless gift from 10 billion years ago. An object 10 billion light-years away means that light from there must travel 10 billion years across space-time to reach an Earther device.

In other words, this particular find gives us a firsthand picture of a rare monster of the dawn of the universe. It is possible that they have merged for a long time now, and it is unlikely that the monsters born from that merger still exist.

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