Dream Revelation: Shafi with Urgent Motion Notice; The church is still in turmoil | Kerala Assembly

Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said that the urgent motion notice brought by the Opposition on the issue of gold smuggling can be discussed in the Assembly. The CM said the issue could be discussed as it was a matter of public interest. The discussion lasts from one to two hours in the afternoon.

Shafi Parampil from the Opposition gave notice of the urgent resolution. Swapna Suresh, the accused in the gold smuggling case, has filed a notice in the Magistrate’s Court alleging that he was involved in dollar smuggling during the Chief Minister’s visit abroad.

This is the second urgent motion notice being discussed by the second Pinarayi government. The first resolution was about the Silver Line project. Today’s proceedings in the Assembly had begun without hindrance. The Opposition co-operated in the question and answer session.

The Opposition will today raise the issue of the suppression of the black flag agitation against the Chief Minister and the attack on Rahul Gandhi’s MP’s office by SFI activists. The request for funds from the Home Department will come to the House. Criticism will rise against the police and the Chief Minister. The ruling party has decided to attack the opposition without compromise. No footage of opposition protests in the House will be released in the name of church rules.

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