Dubai Airshow 2022: The Ultimate Aerospace Exhibition with Aerial Wonders

2023-08-13 06:00:22

Dubai: Dubai Airshow returns with aerial wonders. This year, Airshow, the world’s largest aerospace exhibition, will be held from November 13 to 17. The show will take place at Dubai World Central Airport.

In the fair where exhibitors come from different parts of the world, transactions worth billions of dirhams will take place. Last year, 1200 organizations participated in the airshow. This time more companies and exhibitors are expected to reach the fair.

Thousands of visitors, exhibitors, aircraft manufacturers, scientists, airline owners, suppliers, industrialists and military personnel attend the biennial fair.

Contracts worth more than $100 billion are signed each time. Airshow agreements are also signed between different countries. Exhibitions introducing new trends and possibilities in the aviation sector will also take place.

There will be powerful jets, luxury planes, helicopters and military planes this time too. Unmanned aerial vehicles, cargo aircraft and technologies will be on display. Air exercises by the UAE forces will also be staged at the airshow.

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