[Eating Safety]11 Instant Noodles Are Detected to Contain Level 1 Carcinogens

11 types of instant noodles were found to exceed the standard of the first-class carcinogen “ethylene oxide”. (iStock image)

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare detected 7 types of instant noodles exported from Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines with residues of the first-class carcinogen “ethylene oxide”, and 3 more types were found yesterday (12th). Indonesian instant noodles and 1 Vietnamese instant noodles were found to have exceeded the standard of ethylene oxide, and all of them have been returned or destroyed.

According to the “Border Inspection Unqualified List” published by Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration, as many as 11 instant noodle seasoning packets have been found to have exceeded the standard pesticide “ethylene oxide” recently. Among the products involved, 8 were from Indonesia. The remaining three models are from Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan. Click on the image below to see the full list:

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The pesticide “ethylene oxide” has been banned by the European Union. Yan Zonghai, director of the Department of Toxicology, Department of Nephrology, Chang Gung, Linkou, Taiwan, once said that ethylene oxide is generally used for equipment cleaning, and the WHO defines ethylene oxide as a first-class carcinogen. Long-term exposure can lead to blood cancer and breast cancer.

Chen Qingyu, Section Chief of the North District Management Center of the Food and Drug Administration, once pointed out that currently only a few countries, such as the United States and Canada, have limited the use of “ethylene oxide” in spices and sesame for fumigation and sterilization.

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In Hong Kong, since “ethylene oxide” has been banned by the European Union, for the sake of prudence, the Centre for Food Safety will instruct the importers and distributors involved to The affected products have been removed from the shelves and their sales have been discontinued, and recalls have been launched, and the public is urged to stop eating the affected products if they buy them.

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