ECOWAS Military Intervention: A Realistic Solution for Niger’s Overthrown Government – Insights from Hassoumi Massoudou

2023-09-03 10:39:57

Hassoumi Massoudou, Minister of Foreign Affairs under the presidency of Mohamed Bazoum, overthrown by a coup in Niger, was on the set of France 24 on Sunday September 3. He maintained that only ECOWAS military intervention against the ruling junta was a “realistic” solution.

“They came by force, and the only language they understand is that of force,” the minister said of the military who took power on July 26, 2023. He also called the protesters supporting the junta of “idle young people”, “fanatics”.

Hassoumi Massoudou also gave news of Mohamed Bazoum, under house arrest with his family since the coup. “He and his family are still sequestered in difficult conditions, the electricity is cut (…) they all had malaria,” said Hassoumi Massoudou, before adding: “But he has morale, he remains combative, and he refuses to resign.”

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