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The former Colombian senator spoke in harsh terms about the sovereignty of the country. She denied being linked to Alex Saab and the Sucre system.

The Embassy of Ecuador in Colombia rejected the expressions of former Colombian senator Piedad Córdoba, released on January 11 on the radio FM World, where she was consulted for her alleged involvement in the investigation of the Sucre system and Alex Saab. During the interview, Córdoba was upset and insulted Assemblyman Fernando Villavicencio, who delivered documentation of the case to President Iván Duque.

When the journalist Fausto Yépez recalled that an investigation against a Colombian businessman is underway in the United States, Córdoba stated: “Alex Saab’s problem is Alex Saab’s problem, it’s not my problem (…) But if it were with me, They would have been telling me for a long time that I am being investigated or notifying me that I am being investigated for X, Y or Z reasons … But I do not believe in the extraterritoriality of justice. We (Colombia) are a sovereign country, that is why we are different from you (Ecuador), because we defend sovereignty, because we defend the capacity that we have as a country ”.

Yépez replied “we (Ecuador) also defend sovereignty.” And Córdoba finished off with the phrase: “What are you going to defend sovereignty? Believe that bunch of lies. He guaranteed that his rat Villavicencio remains in jail ”.

The Ecuadorian Embassy in Colombia reacted to these statements on January 12, noting that the former senator “has attacked the institutions and sovereignty of Ecuador with insulting and unacceptable expressions.”

The Embassy emphasized its rejection of “any insulting demonstration against Ecuadorians.”

Córdoba denied having been involved in the case investigated by the Ecuadorian Assembly on irregularities committed with the Sucre system and the businessman Saab.

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“That’s a fake news (fake news). It is a way of that rat that you have there elected in Congress, in the Assembly, (Fernando) Villavicencio. He is making a very clear strategy, to try that the historical pact of which I am a part as senator, which I am going to be elected, and President Gustavo Petro, we can be defeated (…) I have nothing to do with him Sucre, I have nothing to do with research funds, “said the former Colombian senator.

Yépez asked him how many times he has traveled to Ecuador and if one of them is related to a transfer that he would have made with his son and Alex Saab, in a private plane, in 2013.

Córdoba replied that he has traveled “a thousand times” to the country, but not for business and that he has had “no relationship” with what the journalist reported.

“They are not going to put me against the wall. They respect me. There are 40 years of political life in my country and on the continent. I have never been investigated for corruption. I have been a person dedicated to peace, dedicated to freeing hostages, dedicated to building a different region, so they will not put me with bullshit or with dark maneuvers, “he said.

Until 9:40 p.m. on Wednesday, the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry had not ruled on what Córdoba had said. (I)

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