EDF and its former CEO Henri Proglio will be tried in mid-2024, suspected of favoritism

2023-09-06 19:28:00

The date is now set. EDF, its former CEO Henri Proglio and fifteen other protagonists are to be tried in the spring of 2024 by the Paris Criminal Court. They are suspected of favoritism around consultancy contracts between 2010 and 2016.

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Fourteen other natural or legal persons, EDF consultants, will also appear on suspicion of concealment of favoritism. The hearing on the merits must be held over 14 days spread between May 21 and June 13, 2024, according to a judicial source at AFP.

After a preliminary investigation started in September 2016, the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) had identified 44 consultants with very varied areas of expertise who concluded contracts with EDF, without competition, between 2010 and 2016, according to the same judicial source. The amounts of the missions ranged from 40,000 euros to four million euros. Most cost several hundred thousand euros. The investigation was opened following a report from the Court of Auditors.

Sentences to fines already pronounced

Since the beginning of the year, three consultants, including the communication company Image 7 of Anne Méaux and Stéphane Fouks, founder of Havas, have already been sentenced in Paris to fines, within the framework of procedures for prior recognition of guilt. (CRPC). Jean-Marie Messier’s company, Messier Maris associés, saw its CRPC rejected by a judge at a hearing in March.

The magistrate considered that the proposed sentence, a fine of 280,000 euros, was not ” appropriate and timely in view of the seriousness of the infringement », relating to two contracts in 2011 and 2012 concluded for 1.425 million euros. ” It’s quite incomprehensible “to be” totally free from the rules “, she had pointed.

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The thirties of consultants who received contracts below the formal procedure threshold (approximately 400,000 euros over the period of the facts) were not prosecuted » and therefore benefited from a classification without follow-up.

Proglio would not be renewed at the head of EDF

Contacted by AFP, EDF said it was not commenting, and its lawyer did not immediately respond to AFP. Henri Proglio had ruled out, during his hearing, any ” willingness to hide or conceal anything “, moving forward ” specificity and confidentiality » missions entrusted. His lawyer did not respond to AFP either.

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