Effect of Long Menstrual Cycles on Iron Deficiency: Insights from Dr. Hossam Mowafy

2023-11-04 14:42:31

04:41 PM Saturday 04 November 2023

Written by Saber Najah:

Dr. Hossam Mowafy, professor of critical cases at Kasr Al-Aini Faculty of Medicine, confirmed that women whose menstrual cycle lasts more than 5 days suffer from iron deficiency, because bleeding continues during the days of the menstrual cycle and the cells lose the iron present inside them during the bleeding.

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Mowafi said during his presentation of the program “My Lord, Give Me Knowledge,” broadcast on Sada El Balad channel, that the lifespan of red blood cells is 120 days, after which new cells are generated, and all red blood cells contain iron, and iron is transferred from old cells to new cells.

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The professor of critical care medicine continued that the breakdown of red cells also leads to infection with bile, which then moves to the liver and then moves to the surface of the cells.

Mowafy explained that one of the reasons for high bile in the blood is due to a problem in the liver, and its inability to break down bile, as patients suffering from Hepatitis C and B are more susceptible to jaundice, and the normal level of bile in the blood is less than 1 milligram.

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