Effective Surgical Treatment for Cervical Spondylosis by Qian Yu at Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

2023-10-16 12:49:00

Qian Yu performs surgical treatment for patients with cervical spondylosis. (Picture/reproduced from Weibo)

October 16th every year is World Spine Day. Most of the neck, shoulder, waist and leg diseases often mentioned in orthopedics now belong to the category of spinal diseases, and cervical spondylosis is one of the most common and high-incidence spinal diseases. A 22-year-old man from Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, studied hard to take the graduate school entrance examination. He worked at his desk for more than 15 hours every day. When he woke up, he found that he could not lift his hands. After seeking medical treatment, he learned that he was paralyzed.

“Metropolitan Express” reported that Professor Qian Yu, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an expert on spinal diseases, said that with the changes in modern people’s daily habits and incorrect cervical spine postures, the incidence of cervical spondylosis continues to increase and tends to become younger. “In the outpatient clinic, we found that there are more and more young patients with cervical spondylosis in their 20s, and some even have problems with their cervical spine when they are 17 or 18 years old.”

“Professor Qian, my son has improved. His hand grip is much better than before!” Not long ago, 22-year-old Xiao Lei (pseudonym), accompanied by his father, made a special trip from his hometown to Hangzhou for medical treatment. Qian Yu was very impressed by Xiao Lei. At the end of last year, he was still in his senior year in Hangzhou. At that time, he was going all out to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination. He only slept 4 or 5 hours a day. In addition to eating and sleeping, he basically spent more than 15 hours a day. Sitting at the desk reading.

About a month before the exam, Xiaolei felt obvious pain in his neck and his arms were still numb. In order not to affect his review, he had to endure the pain and continue studying. He thought that there was only one month left before the exam, so he would persevere at the last moment. Let’s wait until the exam is over. About a week later, Xiaolei woke up early one morning and found that he could not lift his hands or move his whole body, as if he was paralyzed. He quickly asked his roommate to call an ambulance.

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After being sent to the hospital, Xiaolei was carried into the emergency room. After X-ray, CT, and MR examinations, the doctor found that his cervical spine had lesions in segments 4 to 6, and the spinal nerves were severely compressed, resulting in acute paralysis. He had to undergo surgery immediately to reduce the pain. pressure. Although the operation was very successful, due to the delay in treatment, the patient’s spinal nerves were compressed for too long, which has caused irreversible nerve damage, making it difficult to return to the original state in the short term.

“Cervical soreness and arm numbness are actually distress signals sent by the body. If Xiaolei could have gone to the hospital in time, the result would have been completely different now.” Qian Yu said regretfully. After being discharged from the hospital, Xiaolei returned to his hometown to find a relatively easy job and at the same time performed rehabilitation exercises on hand function. His biggest wish now is to return to his original state.

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