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Reporter Cai Yifang / Comprehensive Report

The 59-year-old singer Wang Jie is widely known for “One Game, One Dream”. He is the idol of many 5th and 6th graders. However, in 2017, he suddenly announced his retirement from the music scene, revealing that he had lost his throat and 20% of his hair due to poisoning. , shocked everyone. After fading out for many years, he rarely showed his face for New Year’s greetings, his complexion was much better, and his state caused fans to exclaim: “Is this recently?”

▲ The last time Wang Jie updated his photos was in 2020. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo / Wang Jie)

After Wang Jie announced his retirement from the music scene in 2017, he released the 31st anniversary album “I Know I’m an Expired Singer” the following year. Since then, he has rarely appeared in front of the public, and his last update on the Internet also stayed. 2 years ago. However, he was recently exposed as the latest New Year’s greeting video. Not only did he look ruddy, but his black hair also looked much younger. Fans were excited to like and commented “I miss you very much”, “Is this taken recently?”, ” Come out and take a dip.”

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▲▼ Poisoned and lost 80% of hair!

▲ Screenshot of Wang Jie’s New Year’s Eve video. (Picture / Flip from Xiaohongshu)

In the past, Wang Jie mentioned on the program that he was poisoned and hurt his throat, “In less than 3 months after being poisoned, my hair has fallen to only 20% left, and I am the proudest in my life. When I came back from Canada, my hair was very long and beautiful.” Wang Jie said that during that time, he cried wildly in front of the mirror every day, and was afraid of seeing himself. And the most painful thing is that my voice can’t go back, “It ruined my whole life… Really ruined…”

At that time, many fans thought that the person who poisoned should be found out, but Wang Jie did not do it, “I would rather let him know who I know who you are, and I also know who ordered the things you did, the poisoning. The person I met was ruthless, but because I thought a lot later, if I did some stupid things because I was out of spirits, I am grateful for some of my own experiences, and I am also grateful for those who have given me a lot of hardships. people, I thank them too, really, I didn’t blame them.”

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