El Purgatorio Premiere: Cathy Barriga Clears Accusations and Calls Out Patricia Maldonado in a Fiery Interview

2023-08-04 11:55:51

El Purgatorio, the new star of Channel 13, started with everything. During her time on the night program, the former mayoress of Maipú, Cathy Barriga, clarified the accusations against her after her time in the municipality and also had words for Patricia Maldonado, who put her on the swing for dressing as Barbie at the premiere of the movie.

In her style, the former Mekano asked for a moment to “make an analogy that has to do with nutrition and mental health. I see on that cover (by Patricia Maldonado) a product on the market that has been on the market for years and years. This product is a bit toxic, but they sell it, it’s on the market”.

“The person who is there is a product that is on the market. Mrs. Maldonado is a product and I want to deliver a message through this analogy,” she continued.

Immediately afterwards, the former community chief opened up: “I once consumed this product, it hurt me, it made me cry, it hurt my stomach, but I no longer consume it today, but I am sure that there are many people who consume this type of products”.

Cathy Barriga without filter

He also argued that “these types of people have promoters, who are all who share it, who laugh.”

Without mentioning the opinionologist’s name, Cathy explained that “that person has spent a lifetime doing the same thing, because they don’t know how to do anything else.”

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