Electric Vehicle Social Leasing: Affordable EVs for Modest Households

2023-12-14 17:51:16

The president has just given the go-ahead for this promise intended to democratize the purchase of an electric vehicle. It will be offered to fewer than 25,000 people in 2024.

Emmanuel Macron played Santa Claus on Thursday morning by announcing on social networks the arrival of social leasing at 100 euros per month for the most modest households. In its hood, new and used electric vehicles, until now inaccessible. And which will become affordable thanks to this system largely subsidized by the State.

The president made this promise of social leasing during his 2022 presidential campaign. Implementation was delayed: the opening of an online platform to find out who is eligible for this measure was initially planned for November. But behind the scenes, discussions and arbitrations on the terms of the system had become bogged down. Should it be necessary, in addition to the income criterion, to target this “ leasing social » on certain professions? Reserve it for low-emission zones (ZFE) or for test departments? So many questions which were the subject of tense exchanges between the various ministers concerned: Christophe Béchu (Ecological Transition), Agnès Pannier-Runacher (Energy Transition), Clément Beaune (Transport) and Bruno Le Maire (Economy and Finance) .

The development of these criteria was all the more complicated as the system will only gradually increase in power. And this in particular because the number of electric models manufactured in Europe or in France (the condition for benefiting from a subsidy), and available on the market, remains low. Some also point to Élisabeth Borne’s delay in making the arbitrations. “ Matignon “canned” the thing for two months. The president had to whistle the end of recess », complains a ministerial source. “ It is not that simple. Everyone in government had a very different idea of ​​how to distribute the first batch of cars», tempers another.

Emmanuel Macron ended up speaking out on December 6 in the Council of Ministers to speed up the process. History of strengthening a balance sheet criticized on “French ecology”, as the president likes to call it. And, in the shorter term, to announce good news before the Christmas break.

Now, everything is falling into place to make the promise a reality. But few buyers will benefit from it in 2024. The government, which will subsidize leasing to the tune of 13,000 euros per vehicle, will not select more than 20,000 to 25,000 files. It should be double next year.

From this Friday, interested people will be able to check on a specially created online platform (mon-leasing-electrique.gouv.fr) whether or not they are eligible for the long-term rental of a battery-powered vehicle, new or old. second-hand, which would cost them around 100 euros per month, excluding car insurance. Several criteria have been set: declare less than 15,400 euros of annual income per tax share or 30,000 euros for a couple without children, be a “big roller » that is to say traveling more than 8,000 kilometers per year or living at least 15 kilometers from their place of work.

No first monthly payment

Then, from January, eligible candidates will be able to choose and reserve a vehicle on the website of one of the rental companies or car manufacturers approved by the State. Rents will vary depending on the model. Stellantis will offer eight. At Citroën, the rent for an ë-C3 will only be 54 euros (provided you wait until the first deliveries in April) and 129 euros for an ë-C4. Opel, Fiat and Peugeot will also offer offers. With surprises in store. This summer, Carlos Tavares, the general manager of Stellantis, indicated toFigarothat the e208 would not be eligible: “too expensive !“. But ultimately, it appears in the catalog. “The amount of state aid has been significantly increased and that changes everythingexclaims Thierry Koskas, sales and marketing director of Stellantis and boss of the Citroën brand.We are super happy that this allows people who could never have imagined that an electric vehicle lease would be within their reach.. » For its part, Renault only brings its electric Twingo with a rent of 40 euros per month, and certain versions of its Megane-E-Tech, with a rent of 150 euros per month. It is true that the leaders of Losange are not convinced of the virtues of social leasing applied to electric models, expensive by nature and therefore rather intended for the middle classes, according to them. Other brands will join these ranks.

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In all cases, the “buyers»will not have to pay the first monthly leasing payment, generally amounting to several thousand euros (thanks to public aid). At the end of three years, the duration of the contract, they will return the car or start a new lease with a new car.

In the video posted Thursday morning, the president recalled the challenges of this measure and the new environmental criteria which will apply to the new ecological bonus. “As you know, we want to continue to reduce our CO2 emissions(…) We are going to produce more and more electric vehicles in France,recalled Emmanuel Macron. We will produce more and more electric batteries in France over the coming months and years. And the goal is that we help you buy electric vehicles produced here. »

In the wake of social leasing, the list of electric vehicles scrutinized for their carbon footprint which will continue to be subsidized by the ecological bonus has been published. The opportunity to exclude vehicles imported from China.

Here are examples of eligible electric cars.
Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion.

Until now, the bonus of 5,000 euros was allocated for the purchase of an electric vehicle provided that it costs less than 47,000 euros and weighs less than 2.4 tonnes, regardless of its place of production, that of the manufacture of its battery and the number of kilometers traveled to be transported. It will be finished on December 16. If Dacia’s Spring and the MGs, all manufactured in China, are being phased out, Tesla’s Model Y, produced in Berlin, has been spared. Many foreign brands were included in the list made up of electric cars and utility vehicles: BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, Skoda, Smart, Hyundai, Mini, Volkswagen, Jeep… To decarbonize high-speed road transport, French production does not will not be enough.


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