Elgato Stream Deck Mobile becomes iPad compatible, for a Stream Deck with 64 slots

2023-06-30 12:01:18

Elgato, a subsidiary of Corsair, has just updated its application Elgato Stream Deck Mobile. Version 2.0 becomes compatible with iPads, which allows it to display (much) more action buttons.

The iPad shows more boxes than the iPhone.

The Stream Deck is originally a physical box with transparent buttons that top a screen. The device allows you to choose the background displayed under the buttons and link the images to an action for lovers of streaming. Elgato sells different versions of the case, with more or less keys. The iOS version, which depends on the Mac application, may show many boxes.

Stream Deck Mobile: Elgato’s customizable keyboard available on iPhone

The interest of the iPad is obvious: while an iPhone 11 will display 15 buttons of a usable size (5 x 3 boxes, like the physical version proposed for 170 €), it is possible to display 64 of them on a 12.9-inch iPad (an 8 x 8 grid) while keeping the buttons of a good size. And Elgato could even display 16 more.

The physical version with 32 boxes.

The only problem obviously comes from Elgato’s economic model: the basic version only activates 6 boxes out of the 64 possible (like the basic version, which is sold 80 €). If you want to take advantage of others, you have to upgrade to the “Pro” subscription, billed at €29.99/year. But it’s still cheaper than a Stream Deck with 32 keys, offered €250 for Elgato (214 € currently).

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