Embrace the Arrival of Winter in the UAE with the Suhail Star: Insights from the Astronomy Department

2023-08-23 18:16:39

Abu Dhabi: Astronomy department has observed that Suhail star will appear in the sky of UAE tomorrow, heralding the arrival of winter. With the appearance of Suhail Nakshatra, the country will slowly transition from scorching heat to winter. The rise of the Suhail star is traditionally seen by the Arab people as a sign of a decrease in heat.

At the same time, do not reduce the temperature sharply. The following weeks will be a gradual end to summer. Forty days following the rise of Suhail, winter begins in full swing. The length of daylight hours in the country will also change in the coming days.

Day length will be less than 13 hours for the next two months. By October, day and night will reach equal length. During these times, the temperature in the country will also decrease. Suhail is the second brightest star following Sirius. It is located regarding 313 light years from Earth. The winter season starts on October 2 and lasts till the end of April.

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