Ending the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Urgent Calls for Ceasefire and International Intervention

2023-10-19 02:34:51

New York: Killing more Palestinians will not make Israel safer, says Palestinian Ambassador to the United Nations Riyad Mansour. The bleeding must be stopped immediately. Riyad Mansoor also pointed out that if the security committee had called for a ceasefire two days earlier, hundreds of lives could have been saved.

The Palestinian representative was speaking at the Security Council meeting regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Mansour pointed out the American position that everyone is talking about the right of self-defense of the force that forcibly evicts and exterminates the Palestinians.

Member States should heed the calls of the UN Secretary General, world religious leaders including the Pope, Arab countries, and millions of people around the world, including the millions protesting in the streets. Listen to them and stop the bloodshed – Riyad Mansoor pointed out.

Meanwhile, the death toll from Israeli airstrikes in Gaza rose to 3,478. 1300 of them are children. 12,000 people were injured. Around 1200 people are trapped in the rubble. The number of people killed in Israel, including Hamas attacks, has reached 1400. About 200 people have been taken hostage by Hamas.

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