Energy bill: the price of heating diesel continues to rise and break records

The price of heating oil continues to break records. From Thursday, a liter of type 50S will cost a maximum of 1.31 euros (+9 euro cents) for orders of 2,000 liters or more. For less than 2,000 litres, you will have to pay a maximum of 1.34 euros, or even 1.45 euros at the pump.

The increase in prices is a consequence of the quotations of petroleum products on the international markets. They have been on the rise for several days due to the war in Ukraine. The current peak exceeds that of July 2008, when you had to pay a maximum of 0.95 euros per liter when ordering more than 2,000 liters of diesel. For less than 2,000 litres, the maximum was then 0.98 euro per litre.

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