Ernestina Pais Hospitalized: Latest Updates and Exclusive Details

2024-03-16 02:07:50

Ernestina Pais She had to be urgently admitted to a clinic in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Saavedra during the early hours of yesterday, Thursday.

In a climate of secrecy, it was only revealed that she arrived at the medical center “in a complicated psychomotor situation, accompanied by a person” and that she remains sedated and under observation.

The data was given by Fede Flowers, on the radio program Who pays for this party (Rock and pop). As detailed by the columnist, Ernestina is sedated and cannot have contact with anyone outside the clinic. “Only one nurse enters,” she said.

“We are going to talk about some last-minute, exclusive information, this is really quite serious because it involves a famous host, very popular, we all know her,” Flowers began by saying.

And he added: “Right now Ernestina Pais is hospitalized. She worked at Rock and Pop. I’ll tell you a little about the context: She was admitted to the hospital in the Saavedra area in the early hours of the morning. She arrived accompanied by a person who, Obviously, it helped her because she entered into a context of a very strong nervous breakdown”,

“They told me about a complicated psychomotor situation and they had to sedate her to calm her down,” he explained. “At this moment, she is hospitalized waiting for a referral. She continues in this context of sedation, but well, there is a lot of secrecy regarding Ernestina’s health.” “We wish him the best.”

Yanina Latorre: “They were considering transferring Ernestina to a neuropsychiatric hospital”

At the beginning of today’s broadcast, Friday, of LAM (America, at 20), gave more details about the health situation of Ernestina Pais.

A chronicler of the cycle hosted by Ángel De Brito said that she contacted Ernestina to check if the information she had received about her hospitalization was true and Pais denied it.

He said that Pais was heard very excited, that she laughed and that she assured that she was in the Republic of Uruguay dedicating herself to her venture.

The same chronicler stated that she had communicated with Federica Pais – Ernestina’s sister – and that since they have been estranged for many years, the response she received from Federica was that “she did not want to say anything about it, because she believes that corresponds”.

Yanina Latorre gave more details about Ernestina Pais’s health. Capture TV.

Yanina Latorre added that when she arrived at the health center where she was restrained and given medical attention, Ernestina was “fractured” and “presented a mystical delirium“.

After stating that there is great secrecy regarding the diagnosis and treatment of Ernestina Pais, the panelist of LAM he claimed: “The painting is quite delicate. They were considering transferring her to a neuropsychiatric hospital, but I don’t know if this transfer has already occurred or not, because there is a lot of secrecy.”

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Ernestina Pais had been hospitalized, of her own volition, throughout the month of last January

A month ago, in a long interview with LAM (America, at 20), Ernestina Pais had spoken about the painful situation that, at a given moment, led her to decide to be hospitalized.

“I suffered a lot because of colleagues who lost their jobs. I saw two colleagues die in one year. It was a lot of sadness that year and I said: ‘You know what? I’m going to allow myself this sadness.’ I said: ‘I’m going to put it all together.’ the sadnesses and those that I have been hiding under the carpet,’” he explained in that note.

I got bored with therapy, so I self-administered. I was there all January. I did everything I could do to focus on trying to see, visualize how I wanted to live. I took care of that,” she added.

Ernestina Pais made public the reason why she decided to be hospitalized last January. Capture TV/File.

At the health center where she was admitted, along with the other patients, she did yoga, meditation, theater and drawing, among other things, as she explained. “He was beautiful, he lived in a cloud of farts. My friends have a theory that I went into that place so I wouldn’t find out about things. I got very organized there“, he stated in the note with LAM.

“I found the Ernestine that I always was, but that, at some point, out of duty, I was hiding my vulnerabilities all the time. Crazy, yes, I am vulnerable, I have these issues,” said Ernestina Pais.

“It’s not something to judge, it’s something to join together, hug each other and move forward. And I highly recommend it at some point for anyone,” he said.

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