ETIAS Travel Permit: Everything You Need to Know about Visiting Europe in 2024

2023-08-10 00:43:03

The European Union recently announced that US citizens will need a travel permit to enter Europe starting in 2024.
This is the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS), which has the objective of protecting European borders.

According to its official site, this permit makes it easier to identify threats and risks associated with people who want to travel to the Schengen zone.

For its part, the authorization will be valid for business, pleasure and short-term trips. However, those who intend to work, study or live in Europe must apply for a visa, rather than an ETIAS.

What are the particularities of this permit?

The validity of ETIAS extends for three consecutive years from the time the permit is approved or until the passport expires.

Likewise, ETIAS will be mandatory to travel to the countries of the Schengen area, to Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania, in the process of joining the Schengen area.

People from 62 countries that are currently exempt from visas must also process the new permit to travel to Europe. This was explained in a statement by the European Commission (EC) in recent days.

In this sense, to process ETIAS, it will be done through a platform that will be made available by the European Union. Here applicants must fill out a form with personal data and travel information, prior to departure to the Schengen area.

Likewise, an official and valid travel document must be adopted, such as a passport, and add personal data. This must also include occupation and education; travel plans; criminal conviction or if you have left a country due to war or conflict.

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Finally, applicants will receive an email with an application number, prior to submitting it. In this way, the authorization can be extended between 14 and 30 days if additional documents are requested or if an interview is requested.

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