European Coalition Supplying Artillery Shells to Ukraine: Latest Updates and Developments

2024-03-01 20:46:00

Ukraine will soon receive the first batch of artillery shells as part of the Czech Republic’s initiative to purchase ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in third countries. This was announced by a representative of the Czech Ministry of Defense, Jan Jires, in an interview with reporters from Bloomberg.

“In the coming weeks, Ukraine will receive the first batch of ammunition,” Jan Jires said, as quoted by Bloomberg. A representative of the Czech Defense Ministry noted the participation of other European countries in the initiative, but did not specify who will finance the purchases and from whose reserves it is planned to take the ammunition

Czech President Petr Pavel, speaking at the Munich Security Conference on February 17, announced the possibility of purchasing hundreds of thousands of artillery shells for Ukraine if finances are available. Later, French leader Emmanuel Macron announced the creation of a coalition to supply Ukraine with ammunition. URA.RU has collected all known information regarding the new EU coalition for the supply of ammunition to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in a single material.

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